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Emmie Reviews 5 Select Styles From Her GB Collection

If you’re looking for some stand-out summery pieces to add to your Gwynnie Bee closet we recommend taking a peek at our newest collection, Emily’s Picks curated by one of our longtime style crushes, Emily Sandford. She’s the  “Emmie” in the popular fitness and style blog  Authentically Emmie where her fab sense of style (and her love for GB!) is well documented. Here she let’s us in on select styles from the collection and why she chose to include them in the collection. read more

Not a Model: Jodi McKee

Who better to flaunt our styles than the women who really wear them?

Gwynnie Bee member Jodi McKee knows a pretty picture when she sees one — whether it’s through the lens of her camera (she’s been snapping away since age 6) or on one of her expertly curated Pinterest boards. Ranging from fun party ideas to great interior design, Jodi’s eclectic visual boards have garnered her an incredible 3 million Pinterest followers. Her eye for style extends to her wardrobe too. We joined Jodi for a photo adventure in DUMBO, Brooklyn where she took pictures for her blog in some of her favorite Gwynnie Bee outfits. read more