cherry velvet

How You’re Wearing It: Cherry Velvet Brigitte Dress in Point of Sail

We love the Cherry Velvet Brigitte Dress in Point of Sail and so do you. This retro silhouette with a cheeky nautical print has been filling #ShareMeGB feed — and with good reason! It’s cheery red, blue, and white print and easy-wearing silhouette is a no brainer for balmy summer days. For ideas on how to wear it, check out the super-stylish members we’ve seen wearing it and then closet the look for yourself. read more

Emmie Reviews 5 Select Styles From Her GB Collection

If you’re looking for some stand-out summery pieces to add to your Gwynnie Bee closet we recommend taking a peek at our newest collection, Emily’s Picks curated by one of our longtime style crushes, Emily Sandford. She’s the  “Emmie” in the popular fitness and style blog  Authentically Emmie where her fab sense of style (and her love for GB!) is well documented. Here she let’s us in on select styles from the collection and why she chose to include them in the collection. read more