Because the rules were made to be broken.

Some believe that great style is defined by a particular set of rules. We’re all familiar with them – they’ve been around for as long as any of us can remember. For the most part, these rules have passed as law, but a few brave women among us have begun to question them. As it turns out, under even the slightest interrogation these so-called pillars of fashion crack and crumble and are exposed for what they really are: basically bogus, absolutely arbitrary, sartorial silliness.

We were inspired to create this first installment of the Rule Breakers by two awesome and confident women: Amanda Valdez of Fashion, Love, & Martinis and Krystel of Army Wife 101, who exercised their right to bare arms in spite of plus size fashion rules that encourage women to cover up so-called problem areas.

In response to a reader’s concern about revealing her arms Amanda responded with an empowered confidence that caught our eye:

Along with her response, Amanda posted the picture below (left). To the right are photos that Krystel posted as a part of her #TeamArmsOut campaign.

[From left to right] Amanda wears the Eloquii Ombre Hi-Lo Maxi Dress, sizes L-24W. Krystel wears the SWAK Lucy Maxi Dress, sizes 1X-5X and the the Lucie Lu Lula Dress, sizes 1X-3X.

In her blog posts, Krystal opened up about her reluctance to wear anything sleeveless, writing:

Like Amanda, Krystel decided to rewrite the rules and in doing so discovered a look that made her feel confident.

Celebrate your confidence by joining Amanda and Krystel and exercising your right to bare arms. Tag photos of yourself going arms-out Gwynnie Bee style with #GBRuleBreakers and we’ll share your style with the community, inspiring fun fashion for all.

Join the movement and get back to fashion as fun. After all, the rules were made to be broken. #GBrulebreakers #RightToBareArms


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  • Linnea

    I can definitely say that Gwynnie Bee has given me more confident to bare it all, I’m so disappointed that summer is over because I do not want to have to cover my arms up.

  • Emily

    I love both these bloggers! and i too think Gwynniebee has given me more confidence!! I lov emy body more and not caring what other people are saying!! Thanks Gwynniebee!!! <3

  • Holli

    Day 3 of an eight day cruise and Gwynnie Bee has me sailing in style! In almost all sleeveless dresses. All I’ve gotten is compliments and smiles on my borrowed styles. I was telling my husband yesterday that Gwynnie is like having a best friend with great style and confidence with a full closet at my disposal. Bare those arms! You are lovely!

  • Erica

    Sometimes, I think my arms look better/longer in sleeveless than in short sleeves. Regardless, when it is hot out – I am not wearing sleeves!