Valentine’s Day Inspiration from Kristine of Trendy Curvy

Gwynnie Bee has the right look for every Valentine’s Day celebration, whether it’s spent cozying up at home with your special someone, with a big night out, or a celebration with your girls,  We’ve teamed up with some of our favorite fashionistas to get the inside scoop on their Valentine’s Day plans—including what they’re wearing, of course. Get your dose of inspiration here and then head over to our Valentine’s Day Collection to closet your perfect look.

We chatted with Kristine of Trendy Curvy about her top Valentine’s Day picks from Gwynnie Bee, her styling tips for a sweet and sexy holiday, and what’s bae.

Trendy Curvy's Valentine's Day Looks for Gwynnie Bee

City Chic Drapey Blazer in Lipstick

1) How would you describe your date nights in general?
Date night would likely consist of a nice dinner to start out. It wouldn’t be anything too fancy but just a place that has a really nice ambiance and vibe. Also the food must be good because let’s be honest, my kind of date revolves around food. Afterward, we can do something as simple as going to a movie or a something a little more outgoing like going to a lounge to hear some music.

2) Would you rather go out or stay in?
Both. I think its great to have a balance. Sometimes I am more than content with staying in, cooking a nice meal and catching up on shows that we’ve missed during the week. Other times (most likely after I’ve just bought something new), I want to go out and hit the town. Living in Los Angeles, there is always something to do so I like to take advantage.

Trendy Curvy's Valentine's Day Looks for Gwynnie Bee

City Chic Drapey Blazer in Lipstick

3) What would your personalized candy heart say?
Mine would probably say something corny like “That’s Bae”. Bae, although started off as a joke, has become such a fun loving term of endearment that it has kind of stuck. Whenever one of us does something nice or sweet, we jokingly say to each other “that’s bae!”.

4) What’s your most memorable Valentine’s Day?
I’m a sucker for the simplest, yet most thoughtful things. I love it when a man pays attention to your likes and dislikes even on the most basic levels. So, it was one of our first Valentine’s Days as a couple and we were at that phase where you don’t know exactly what to get each other. You want your gifts to be equal, which means that its a delicate dance of not getting too good of a gift and most definitely not living up to the other’s gift. He opted to get me a myriad of all of my favorite things from my favorite flowers to my favorite scents to even my favorite candy. He topped that off with a handwritten note which I loved. I, in turn, made a collage of all of our favorite memories thus far with empty slots for things that we had talked about doing together in the future. It was simple but sweet.

Trendy Curvy's Valentine's Day Looks for Gwynnie Bee

Kiyonna All Work & Play Wrap Dress

5) What are your plans for this Valentine’s Day?
Dinner, of course! I told you that all of my dates revolve around food. We are going to one of our favorite steak houses overlooking the ocean for a romantic night out on the town.

6) What are you planning to wear for this Valentine’s Day?
A bodycon dress for sure. Valentine’s Day is the perfect night to wear a curve hugging, form fitting ensemble. I personally think that wearing a red dress on Valentine’s Day is a little too literal so I will likely opt for an LBD with sexy red shoes and a red lip.

Trendy Curvy's Valentine's Day Looks for Gwynnie Bee

Kiyonna All Work & Play Wrap Dress

7) Tell us a little bit about why you picked these pieces from the Valentine’s Day Collection. Any thoughts on how you would style them?
I’m an advocate for looks that are not overtly sexy but inherently sexy. Anything that fits your frame just right or that has some sheer components to it will give you that subtle sexy look. My picks exude just that. They are classy, in that you can wear them just about anywhere, yet they show off all of the womanly features that your man loves.

Kristine’s Gwynnie Bee Picks:


Eloquii Asymmetrical Ruffle Skirt

SKIPPY SHIRT via Gwynnie Bee

Carmakoma Skippy Shirt


City Chic Studded Sweetheart Dress

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