Tie the Knot: 4 Ways to Tie a Belted Dress

belthow2_4 I have a large bust matched with a short torso. I ordered the 14 which fit perfectly. The different widths of the horizontal stripes are very flattering, causing the illusion of a perfect hourglass figure. The rainbow colors are fun. I’m just having difficulty tying the belt so that it looks put together properly. Anyone have any hints?

-GB Member Jennipher, commenting on the Postcards Rainbow Chevron Fit & Flare Dress

Jennipher’s comment is only one of many we’ve received asking for tips on how to make a self-tie belt look just right. In fact, there are many ways to tie the sash that comes with our belted dresses and how you choose to tie your belt can say a lot about your personality. Do you double knot? You’re a no nonsense, no frills type (who will probably have a hard time getting out of that gnarly waist cincher!). Perhaps you prefer your standard maritime six fold eye knot? Look at you, you Class A overachiever! Fancy the bunny ear method? Chances are you’re charming, witty, and on the brink of a complete and total emotional meltdown. 

Okay. So, how you tie your belt says nothing about your personality. Which grants you the liberty of having fun with all sorts of styles. Try a few of our favorites as seen below.

#GwynnieBee how to tie a belted dress
You can’t go wrong with this classic pretty bow. Keep the loops short and perky and tie it off to the side just above the hip bone — tying it dead center can look a little too kid-ish.

#GwynnieBee how to tie a belted dress A bow tied with longer loops lend a more casual overall look and keeps the tails shorter.

#GwynnieBee how to tie a belted dress Try tying a single loop knot and let the sash hang down long for a little drama.

#GwynnieBee how to tie a belted dress Business in the front, party in the back. Cross the sash around the front and tie it off in the middle of your back.

Do you have another way that you like to tie your sash? Share your advice with the GB community below. And keep an eye out for the featured style — available to closet soon!

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  • http://perfectinourimperfections.com Jen

    If it’s short enough, I like a square knot better than a bow. Less likely to come untied, which is especially important if it’s a wrap dress.

    • Gwynnie Bee

      Great tip, Jen! The square knot is a good, secure option for wrap dresses. Here is a great tutorial for mastering the square knot — it’s pretty easy.