The Secret to the Perfect Bra, featuring Adore Me

When it comes to day-to-day dressing, we’ve got you covered. But, when it comes to the first layer of your outfit—your underwear—we turned to the experts, our friends at Adore Me. A monthly subscription service for bras, panties, lingerie, sleepwear, and more, Adore Me knows their under-things. We went to their showroom in mid-town Manhattan for a bra fitting: read on for all of their tips and tricks for getting the perfect fit.

02_04_17_AdoreMeVisit-1147 Adore Me Showroom

We met up with Angela, an Adore Me stylist, for an official bra fitting in their delightful new showroom. When Angela’s doing a fitting, she takes three measurements: your band size, your cup size, and one above the cup size, which helps determine which type of bra works best for your bust shape.

02_04_17_AdoreMeVisit-1025 Adore Me Stylist, Angela, and GB Team Member, Lisa

During the fitting, Angela also gave us bra-wearing 101, to ensure that when we find the right fit it really is doing its job. The biggest mistake women make when wearing bras? Selecting a band placement that is too high. Angela tells us the band should always be parallel to the floor—if it feels a little low, it’s probably in the right spot. This way the heavy lifting isn’t left to the straps, causing shoulder discomfort day after day.


Fit is paramount, but sometimes you find an incredible bra that you absolutely must have and it doesn’t come in your exact size. Angela’s pro tip? Try your sister size! While it won’t get you the perfect fit, it’s a great fix when you’ve fallen in lingerie love. To find your sister size, remember: up in the band, down in the cup. For example, if you’re a size 40DDD, your sister size would be 42DD.


With so many gorgeous lingerie options out there, we asked for some tips to find the sexy set that is right for each body type. Here’s an easy guide to meet all your shape needs.

If you are:

  • Taller or shorter than average – Find lingerie with adjustable straps to easily fit your proportions (all AdoreMe features adjustable straps!)
  • Smaller on top and larger on bottom (or visa versa!) – Try a bralette set. You can order the different sizes on top and bottom to get the perfect fit for both.
  • Mid-section shy – A cami and shorts set will flow away from your bust, helping to camouflage your mid-section.
  • Needing support – If you’re busty, or just need a little extra support, try a slip or a babydoll. If you don’t love an underwire, even a seam or a ribbon under the bust goes a long way. “You’d be surprised,” Angela tells us.
  • Interested in a teddy or a romper– Choose a size that fits the area you need a little more room in. If you’d like it to fit properly in the bust, or the rear, fit it there first.


Finally, Angela’s top tip? Be comfortable! Regardless of all of these helpful hints, you know your body best. If you are comfortable and happy, the rest falls by the wayside.

For more of Adore Me and Gwynnie Bee, check out Adore Me’s Facebook Live on #MeDay featuring Christine of Madame Ostrich. Be sure to follow their Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest pages!

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