The Mood-Altering Psychology of Color

The psychology of color has been a hot topic everywhere from branding to home décor to even the way we learn. Today, we’re turning this perspective to our wardrobes. From the practical to the aesthetic, your outfit can change the vibe of the day ahead. Next time you need to rely on your outfit to give you the boost you need, we’re suggesting starting with color first.

The chic, easy nature of black is well-documented. It goes with everything and is considered a staple in every closet. However, it also gives off an air of efficiency and no-nonsense, making it great for a day you need to give off a serious air to get down to business.

Black jumpsuit Catherine Catherine Malandrino Suraya Jumpsuit In Black

The middle place between the extremes (black and white), grey is considered timeless and reliable. Workwear often comes in shades of grey for that reason–it gives off a sense of respectability.

Grey plaid pencil skirt

Melissa McCarthy Seven7 Diagonal Plaid Pencil Skirt

Don’t underestimate brown–this neutral choice evokes strength, stability, and dependability. Earthy tones make people feel grounded and solid, making it a great choice for a day where hard work and a level head is called for.

Brown suede cardigan Janette Plus Suede Jacket In Camel

Purple has long been connected with royalty, luxury, and even spirituality. With the long history of purple being considered opulent and regal, it’s a great option for an event where you wish to exude confidence.

Purple lace dress

Gabby Skye Purple Lace Dress

Calming and cooling, blue is oh-so-easy on the eyes. It’s been connected to higher concentration and relaxation, so it’s a great choice to wear on a day that is anxiety-provoking.

Blue flutter dress Loveappella Flutter Sleeve Surplice Denim Steel Fit And Flare Dress

With green’s strong association with nature, it’s no surprise it conjures balance, generosity, and fertility. Green is a great color to wear for a day where growth and bounty are your objectives.

Green wrap dress ModCloth Say Yes To Timeless Wrap Dress In Clover

Yellow sparks a release of serotonin in the brain–and along with it–optimism and happiness. For a dreary day or one full of errands that could benefit from a pop of cheer, add some yellow to your wardrobe.

Yellow top Hayden Los Angeles Long Sleeve Mustard Top

Like the dawning of a new day, orange summons energy and ambition. It’s an unapologetic color, making it a great choice to wear for a day where fortune needs to favor the bold.

Orange paisley top Karen Kane Multi Paisley Print Peasant Top

Red has such a strong connection to power. It attracts attention immediately, which makes it a classic date night look. All eyes will be drawn to your red ensemble, so don’t anticipate being a wallflower when donning a little red dress. Red flutter dress London Times Cataline Crepe Fit And Flare Dress In Red

While pink is classically connected to feminine energy, it’s also soothing and friendly. That’s what makes it a fantastic choice to wear on a day you might be in mediation or networking.

Pink work dress Jete Zoe Dress In Splash Coral

Fresh, clean, and pure, white is at the other end of our spectrum. It brings to mind a sense of renewal and brightness–good for a day you could use some serenity and a fresh perspective.

White top with bell sleeves Eloquii Pleated Sleeve Tunic Top In Soft White

What colors change your mood? We want to hear your experiences – sound off in the comments below.

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