Street Style by City

Now that Fashion Week has come to a close, the runways and tents all packed away, we turn to the streets for our style inspiration, where unique styles always abound. Click through collections inspired by four U.S. fashion hot spots to explore the fashion identities of each city!

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  • Barbara

    How about a Street Style for us in the mountains?

    • Jennifer

      yep agreed!

      • Jamie

        I’m a mountain girl style

  • michelle

    Phoenix street style please. It’s different out here than everywhere else. Sandals year round.

  • Helen

    How about DC/DMV class ? No one does it better 😀

    • lynn

      Couldn’t agree more!

      • Tori


    • Jayne

      Yeah, yeah!!

  • Wendy

    What about Charleston, SC. ? Ya’ll know we can rock any style on the street and make it look awesome!

  • kandi

    Don’t forget us down here in texas!

  • Rhea

    How about the Pacific Northwest? We stopped only rocking flannel in the early 90’s!!!

  • Janah

    London!!! London!!!!!

  • Sarah

    San Francisco!!

    • Kelli

      Totally, we don’t dress like LA nor do we have the same weather!

  • http://Yahoo Karla

    Don’t forget the women from the midwest. Indiana’s the name.

    • JoAnne

      how would you describe prairie style? I am originally from NE and except for some adaptations of western wear I could not write a cogent description for it. I went to school in CO and I could have said influenced by outdoor sports and western wear I lived in the East Bay of the SF area and it ight be said it had a relaxed style influenced by artisan jewelry from Mexico, India and Indonesia and textiles from Africa, India, Indonesia, Central and South America. While across the Bay in SF the style is ore edgy and influenced by designers both European and US as well as Japan.

  • Kelly

    How about some classy styles for teachers & include some practical shoes/boots.

  • nora

    so jazzed to have found this site … been loosing weight and in between sizes plus going back to work in a professional office ….. thank you SOOO much … hey KIDS even and especially a 59-60 years YOUNG need options when you want to try new styles ~ I am VERY grateful ~

    • nora

      PS Sacramento,ca

  • Keechia

    I love this site!!!
    You can’t please everyone!!!

  • dee

    Not too mention colorado,love this colorado weather

  • Cheryl

    I am from Alabama.


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