Our most important memories are packed with little details that immediately put us back in that moment: the faces surrounding us, the weather of that day, the smell of someone’s perfume, the meal served, and of course, what we were wearing. If you looked into your closet right now, would you be able to identify the dress you wore to that interview, the top you wore out on that first date, the coat you brought on that trip abroad? Those items are so ingrained in our memories because of the feeling they gave us when we first put them on. We felt confident, bold, beautiful, strong, and ready to take on anything – which is why they were invited along to our big moments. We’re featuring five bold moves that might be in your future and one bright dress you might reach for. Read on to get outfit inspiration for your next big event – and how to style it.

The Dress:

Adrianna Papell Magenta Ruffle Front Dress

Vibrant and structured with a stand-out ruffle, this Adrianna Papell dress transitions easily with just a bit of styling. If you’re looking to make a bold move, look no further than this one dress.

The Major Presentation:

For a presentation that wows, Paloma lets her dress stand on its own, adding just blush-toned shoes and a few gold bangles. She pulls her hair back into a low chignon and mirrors the berry color of the dress in her lipstick. This sleek look still has personality, but allows the focus to be on her presentation. You might also opt to add a tailored blazer for a little coverage – consider a blush, white, or other complementary light color.

The Promotion Meeting:

When you know the meeting that could take your career to the next level is coming, you want to look prepared, put-together, but still like yourself. Diane is wearing her dress with a delicate printed blouse layered under it, simple gold earrings, and a chic ponytail. If print is not your style, try a plain white blouse and a watch for a classic twist.

The Dream Vacation:

While many of us are accustomed to traveling in our comfiest clothing, if you’re springing for a first class ticket, or are getting off the plane ready to hit the town, you might consider upping the outfit ante. Amanda is wearing her dress with an easy, breezy light trench, printed flats, and a scarf around her neck – she’s dinner ready walking off the plane. Her tousled waves and natural makeup require just barely a touch-up after she touches down. If your style trend is edgier, you might try a leather jacket and some booties for your off-the-plane runway style.

The Graduation:

Congratulations – a higher degree means a whole new world of opportunities! For your big day, your biggest accessories are going to be your cap and gown, but after you walk that stage, you may be posing for photos or going out for a meal. Hadassah reached for nude pumps and tassel earrings to let her magenta dress shine. If you like to style with a bit of pop, you might choose shoes with a bit of personality, or a bright lipstick to stand out from the sea of grads.

The Closing:

When it comes to closing on your own home, you want this memory to stand out forever. Molly’s leopard printed flats are the perfect mix of style and comfort, if you’re on your feet traversing your new home (before the furniture arrives!). If you are looking for a more polished, casual look, adding a denim jacket or cardigan is a great choice. You’ll want your most important accessory of all – your brand new keys, opening the door to a new chapter.

No matter your big moment, we have an outfit right for you. Join the Sisterhood of the Shared Closet, and get unlimited styles in all sizes for all women.  

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