Anatomy of the Perfect Selfie

#GwynnieBee Anatomy of the perfect #selfie

Just. Act. Natural.

I only got 10 likes in the last 5 minutes — do you think I should take it down? Let me take another selfie!!

Do those lyrics sound familiar? They’re from the hit “#SELFIE” by the Chainsmokers, a song parodying a club-going girl whose entire sense of self-worth seems to be staked on social approval of the photos she takes of herself. For anyone who’s taken a selfie —and these days, who hasn’t? Just check out how many Instagram selfies are being posted every second— “#SELFIE” might invoke a little self-consciousness. All the hype has got us thinking: is the selfie habit something to be embarrassed of? Or is it a positive celebration of self?

Decidedly, the latter. Selfies are a wonderful way to celebrate self-confidence and by sharing them, you inspire the same feeling in others. And selfies are a great way to share your style! What is a little embarrassing, however, are really bad selfies (see: all photos involving duckface). These should be avoided at all cost. Looking for a way to up your selfie game? We’ve got you covered. Follow these guidelines and you’ll be taking selfies like a pro.

DO relax and have fun

#GwynnieBee Anatomy of the perfect #selfie

Making goofy faces beforehand helps to loosen you up and gets you laughing. After all, genuine smile can’t be beat.

DO make it your own!

#GwynnieBee Anatomy of the perfect #selfie

Show off your own personal brand of style. The best OOTD photos show off how you made the look your own with cute shoes and accessories.

DO venture outside

#GwynnieBee Anatomy of the perfect #selfie

Location, location, location! Often times it’s too dark indoors and flash is required — flash is a sure way to ruin an otherwise great photo. We love a good “street style” shot.

But DON’T shoot in direct sunlight

#GwynnieBee Anatomy of the perfect #selfie

Taking pictures in bright sunshine can wash you out and can make it hard to relax your face. Stick to a shady spot. Avoid dappled light as it can cast weird shadows on your face  — instead find a place that’s evenly shaded.

DO work that pose

#GwynnieBee Anatomy of the perfect #selfie

So maybe the public isn’t quite ready for your “Blue Steel,” but that’s not excuse not to strike a pose. Keep it fun, relaxed, and casual — you don’t want to sprain something in the process, but you do want to present yourself in a confident light. Mix it up! Try looking off to the side instead of right at the camera for a more natural-looking photo.

DON’T take photos at an arms length

#GwynnieBee Anatomy of the perfect #selfie

For OOTD photos, you’ll want to be sure to capture the total look. Holding the camera at an arm’s length makes it difficult to get the right angle and doesn’t do your outfit justice.

DO get a little help from a friend 

#GwynnieBee Anatomy of the perfect #selfie

Selfies are always more fun with a friend. Have them take your picture at chest-level — this will ensure a flattering angle. For solo selfie-ing, set a timer on your camera or phone and set it against a stack of books or DVDs to get the perfect shot. If you’re feelin’ fancy, think about getting your hands on a little tripod or camera stand (This one’s only $5!)

DONT take your picture in the bathroom

Just don’t do it. Please. It doesn’t matter how cute your shower curtain is. No. Bathroom. Selfies. (You’re better than that!)

DO share your style!

Hashtag your photos with #ShareMeGB and the name of the GB item you’re wearing and your photo may be featured in our Member Style Showcase!


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  • Erin

    I love all the tips for photos! Isn’t the whole point of a “selfie” that it’s a picture taken of you by you? A photo taken by a friend is a photo, and this great information on how to get some good shots! I especially like the making faces beforehand to get you loosened up.

  • carla howard