The Simple Act of Kindness You Can Accomplish Right Now

It’s World Kindness Day! There are many ways to show a kindness, from bringing someone a cup of coffee, to holding the elevator, to paying for someone’s lunch. But the easiest, free-est, and warmest way to show a kindness today (and everyday) is to pay a genuine compliment. Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram to see how our Compliment Ambassadors are taking over the East and West on World Kindness Day 2017!

Today on the blog, we’re talking why compliments are our kindness of choice. Not only are compliments good for the receiver, but they have lasting benefits for both parties. Read on to see what it’s in it for you and our tips to give a compliment that lasts.

Why Compliments?

  • A recent study shows, the brain responds to a compliment the same way as when we’ve been awarded money. Our brain light up – the pay off is vey real!
  • Giving compliments regularly trains your brain to see the positive. By actively and constantly searching for things to compliment, your perspective shifts, and seeing the positive becomes easier and easier.
  • Compliments can start or strengthen a relationship. This is no surprise, but expressing genuine appreciation to someone in your life strengthens your connection with the people around you.
  • Did you know? A study has shown: the two strongest ways to motivate employees: give them compliments and pizza. The two best things in life, even better together.
  • Have you heard of “paying it forward”? Giving a compliment can start a string of benevolent behavior. Spread the compliments and the positivity!

Give a Great Compliment:

  • Be genuine: pick something you really do admire. An honest compliment makes all the difference in the world.
  • Be specific – instead of something simple like, “I like your dress”, try “I like the print of that dress on you! It brings out the color in your eyes.”
  • Make eye contact and smile. Simple!
  • Don’t miss an opportunity. There is no ‘perfect moment’ – if you feel it in the moment, express it.
  • Think outside the box – compliments do not need to be appearance based. In fact – they are the ones that can really stick. Appreciating someone’s work or the way they handled a situation can be very meaningful.
  • Give the type of compliment you like receiving. Ultimately, what do you like to hear?

What are you doing to celebrate World Kindness Day? Comment below and let us know how you made someone’s day.

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