Imagine a world in which the sole purpose of clothing is inspired by a woman’s triumphs, and not an industry’s prejudice. Imagine a world where society believes a closet is a gateway to expressing the best version of ourselves, and not a limitation of our physical appearance.

Our newest campaign The Sisterhood of the Shared Closet represents this next chapter of fashion– one where we can empower, inspire, and encourage all women through our clothes and the journey they take us on.

Enter The New Inclusive.

The New Inclusive means that in order to be truly inclusive, we cannot be exclusive. Beginning today, we are serving all women by removing the limitation of size and expanding our endless closet to include sizes 0 through 32.  

Our promises to you:

1. We will always represent the majority.

We have and will continue to focus on catering to the the majority of women. The experience had by our original member base will not change: our first fit reviewers, the models cast, and our clothing selection will all remain the same as we welcome new members to our service.

2. We will never oblige to an industry’s dated perspective.

Since inception, we have refused to conform to the status quo. While other brands have started in Missy sizing and expanded up, we broke out of that binary and covered the majority from the beginning. After years of disrupting the retail industry, we continue to serve our mission: to create an exciting new service that helps women discover, experience, and enjoy great clothing without limitation.

3. We will stop at nothing to change social perception.

The New Inclusive celebrates an experience that doesn’t divide or categorize women, but invites us all to share in an unlimited closet–regardless of size. The magic of raiding our closet means sharing in the power, accomplishments, and memories from the women before us–an experience that is now limitless, endless, and sizeless.

We invite you to join our Sisterhood of the Shared Closet.

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