Spring Cleaning, Simplified!

Cleaning your closet takes time and money — from weeding out the clothes you never wear to chasing down dust bunnies. Did you know that you only wear 20% of your wardrobe 80% of the time? Fortunately Gwynnie Bee members have it easy.

Spring cleaning is a pain, but not with #GwynnieBee . Save time and money with your subscription and avoid the hassle altogether.

Gwynnie Bee members! Now that spring has sprung don’t forget to move your cool weather clothes to the “On Hold” section of your closet. That way they’ll be ready and waiting for you come fall and you’ll make plenty of room for the pretty spring pieces launching every week in our New Arrivals!

What does Gwynnie Bee cut from your Spring Cleaning to-do list? Comment below! 

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