Rent Your Clothes, Own Your Style

A popular meme circulating quips,

“1998: ‘Don’t get into a car with strangers. Don’t meet people from the internet’.
2008: Literally summons people from the internet to get into their car.”

In a world where the sharing economy rules, the concepts of ‘strangers’ and ‘ownership’ are becoming fuzzy. With the popularity of crowdsourcing apps, to ride-share services, to AirBnBs, and much more, ownership can now be a temporary state.

While the term “sharing economy” is relatively new, you might be participating in this new wave of consumerism without even realizing it. Netflix revamped the movie rental model with its unlimited streaming service (RIP “Be Kind and Rewind”). If you’ve ever called an Uber or Lyft instead of a cab, rented a Zipcar or Car2Go instead of investing in your own car, or rode a Citibike around town – you’ve added to this new economy. If you’ve donated to a Kickstarter or GoFundMe, you’ve played a role. This exciting new way to experience goods instead of own them is skyrocketing and is even treading into the world of shopping.

If Rent-A-Swag from Parks and Recreation or Bag Borrow and Steal from Sex and the City come to mind – you’ve got the right idea. Now picture it for your entire wardrobe.

That’s the basic idea behind the Gwynnie Bee unlimited wardrobe. In 2011, Christine Hunsicker saw a way to make style an experience for the consumer, not an expense. Since then, Gwynnie Bee has been meeting the consumer wherever she is at, providing unlimited access to great styles to wear, love, and swap. In place of buying an item she might wear only a few times, the consumer gets to experiment with styles and silhouettes, discover new brands risk-free, keep up to date with the latest trends, or just treat herself to something without buyers’ remorse.

Whether you’re looking to receive just one new item of clothing per month or a completely new wardrobe, Gwynnie Bee has a subscription option for you. Starting at just $49 a month, you can join in the retail revolution by renting new styles from more than 200 different designers today. And if you subscribe now, you can try our service free for 30 days!

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