Gwynnie Bee and the New Sharing Economy

Writer, public speaker, and collaborative consumption savvy Gwynnie Bee member Kate O’Reilly talks about how she found her place (and herself) in the emerging sharing economy. 

Gwynnie Bee and the Sharing Economy by Kate O'Reilly of Clever Kate

While the new sharing economy is brilliant for about a million different reasons, I’d wager that its most revolutionary accomplishment is that it allows people to transcend their economic status in ways that were never before possible. A new generation of internet services offer platforms for connectedness that make getting what we want truly affordable.  We no longer need to own cars we can no longer afford because of Car2Go, bike sharing services like Nice Ride and CitiBike, and ride sharing services such as Uber and Lyft. Services like Airbnb,, and VBRO allow us to find affordable places to vacation all over the world. As we learn to value access over ownership, the sharing economy allows us to “have it all” without sacrificing our financial well-being. The barrier between what people want and how they get it is lower than it’s ever been. This doesn’t just make the immediate seem more possible, it makes *everything* seem more possible.

What became possible for me was the newfound confidence I discovered through Gwynnie Bee. We know that how you feel in your clothes and how you present yourself informs everything. If you look good, you feel good. And when you feel good, you are happier and more confident. Before partaking in the sharing economy through Gwynnie Bee, finding clothing was a major frustration and even degrading at times. I’d try on a few styles—the same ones I would always try—in a rush in the poorly lit dressing room and be completely depressed. With Gwynnie Bee, I’m able to shop in the comfort of my own home and try styles, colors, and brands I never would try or have access to in a store. When finished trying on, I immediately hop on my laptop, check in and ship back what doesn’t work, buy or keep what does, add a few things to your Gwynnie Bee closet while considering job interviews, concerts, or special occasional events coming up in my life. I’m no longer stuck with clothes I’ll only wear once or twice. I’m no longer stuck in a poor fit or with one or two brands. Gwynnie Bee fits my whole life.

Kate O'Reilly wearing Gwynnie Bee

Kate wearing Gwynnie Bee

In addition to getting to try on and have access to clothes that fit and are stylish, I’m able to be a part of a larger community doing the same, which only adds to the feelings of connectedness and desire to be a bigger part of it. Gwynnie Bee not only takes the hard parts away, the service makes it fun, rewarding, and virtually effortless. And by opting into the sharing lifestyle, I suddenly have access to so much more. Put these things together and you hit the jackpot on why Gwynnie Bee has such an important place in the sharing economy. It helped me take control of my clothing budget and surpass the limitations of what was previously available to me. It empowered me to try new things and take risks. It helped to me to express my personality through color, fabric, and fit. It’s helped me become the woman I want to be. That’s a tall (and curvy!) order. And I can’t think of anything better.

How has Gwynnie Bee changed your life for the better? Please add your take to the conversation below.

Hear more of Kate’s insights on her blog Clever Kate.

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  • Curvily NYC

    I love this post – this sums up so many of my favorite things about Gwynnie Bee. I’m currently wearing a $135 Carmakoma dress that I love but won’t wear all the time, so being able to wear it once and send it back is perfect 🙂

    • cleverkate

      Thanks so much. Isn’t it amazing? I just received a Carmakoma top that I love. Going to try it out this weekend!

  • Jenny

    I gained about 40 pounds after my son was born, so I didn’t want to continue investing in new clothing while I’m far from my ideal weight. Gwynnie Bee has allowed me to refresh my wardrobe and actually feel good about my currently larger self. The great thing is, I can keep using it as I (hopefully) start losing weight (after the holidays!)

    • cleverkate

      It’s so perfect for that, Jenny! So happy you’re feeling good.