Borrowing vs Buying: How Many Lattes Could You Afford When You Switch?

Traditionally speaking, great style often comes with a hefty price tag. It’s estimated women spend about $400/month (that’s $4,800 per year!)* on clothing alone. In a world where every penny counts, Gwynnie Bee feels you shouldn’t have to choose between smart spending and your dream wardrobe.

For one flat monthly fee, Gwynnie Bee gives you access to thousands of styles across hundreds of brands. Exchange your items limitlessly for a new look whenever you want, without the price tag. Your monthly subscription means that clothing is an experience, not an expense, freeing your budget up to do so much more.

With Gwynnie Bee, vanilla lattes aren’t a splurge. With the money you’re saving, go ahead and buy one for yourself (and 786 friends). Or if you’re feeling over-caffeinated, take a two week trip to Bali. Or finance a crowd of 28 of sight-seeing drones. Or get twin purebred Labradoodles named Beyoncé and Michelle. Or fly from JFK to LAX once a month. All while never having to wear the same thing twice.

Gwynnie Bee Savings Infographic *Statistics pulled from Have You Ever Wondered How Much Women Actually Spend On Clothing & Accessories? featuring a study conducted by ING Direct and Capital One banks. Savings based on the Gwynnie Bee 3 item plan for $95 a month.

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