Few things in life are truly unavoidable: death, taxes, and… cleaning. The weather turns and we get this primal need to air out and tidy up, even through our groans and eye rolls. So, if you’re going to clean once a year, let’s make it count. Today, we’re laying out the steps you need to take to tackle your closet. Time to open the doors, let the piles of clothing, bags, scarves, (and miscellaneous items) tumble out and dig into spring cleaning your closet.

Step #1: Pump Up The Jam.

It’s been said that listening to music causes us to stay motivated and highly productive. So, pick a party playlist, turn up the bass, and let the music energize you. The quicker you accomplish this, the quicker you can get back to that Netflix binge. Plus, no task was ever harmed by a dance break.

Step #2: Divide and Conquer.

The Romans got one thing right – and you should attack this task with this same rigid, militant strategy. Handling the entire closet at once can seem like a daunting undertaking, so instead, think about your closet in categories: clothing, bags, shoes, accessories… and master it one step at a time.

Step #3: Toss, Donate, or Sell?

We’re sure those three words already have you picturing your three boxes, trash bags, or chaotic piles to sort through your closet contents – this isn’t a new concept, but it isn’t so simple either. This is a beast, the bulk of your task. Some things might be easy choices: tossing the grease-stained tee, selling the dress you never took the tag off of, donating the overalls you wore twice before deciding you aren’t really the type of woman who wears overalls. But for the rest, ask yourself the following questions to help determine your next steps:

  1. Is this damaged in any way (rips, stains, major pilling, broken zippers)? – If yes, toss.
  2. Is this trendy, in season, or a name brand? – If yes, sell.
  3. Does this have some wear and tear, but just not fit? – If yes, donate.

If you’ve never sold clothing before – it’s easier than ever! You can take it to a consignment shop if you’d like someone else to do the bulk of the work (which might mean a lower percentage for you) or, if you have time, sign up for an online platform, like Poshmark or eBay and set the prices yourself.

Step #4: Take A Second Look at Step #3.

It’s easy to justify keeping things you think you need. But how many sleep shirts do you actually wear? Do you paint enough to need more than one paint-splattered shirt? Put everything you’re not willing to wear in public in a pile, choose your favorite one or two, and donate or toss the rest. Are you really going to get that zipper fixed? If not, it’s time to toss. Less is more, people.

Step #5: Put It All Back… But Better.

Okay, so you’ve halved your closet, you’ve been through three playlists, two iced coffees, and only considered burning the whole place down once. And now you have to put it all back. To keep it tidy until spring cleaning comes around next year, organize your closet in a way that’s sustainable, and makes sense.

  • Group “like” with “like”: Hang your dresses, button-ups, jackets, etc. in like groups to easily find what you’re looking for throughout the year.
  • Organize your shoes, keeping the ones you wear the most often easily accessible, while your “special occasion” ones can live in a harder-to-reach place.
  • Fold accessories (like scarves) you don’t reach for very often and hang the ones you do. This will stop you from having to refold a whole pile over and over every time you reach for your go-to scarf.

Step #6: Keep It Clean.

Now that your closet could be featured in “Better Homes and Gardens” (or is, at least, “in-laws-coming-to-visit” clean), you’ll want to keep it that way. Let your Gwynnie Bee subscription make it easy to maintain. Your Gwynnie Bee pieces merely vacation in your closet, rotating in and out, without contributing to your laundry pile. Instead of filling your closet back up with fleeting trends, garments that fit “just okay,” or forgettable pieces – experience clothing with Gwynnie Bee and don’t commit to what you can’t live without.

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