We love when members share their photos with us—it’s one of the things that makes our community so vibrant and fun to be a part of.

When our members share photos of themselves in Gwynnie Bee, the rest of us can see how outfits look on a variety of body types and are inspired by how they chose to style the look.

To ensure trust in that community, we want to make sure that you want to be featured. Just use the hashtag #ShareMeGB to let us know that we can feature that image in a future Member Style Showcase or Instagram post! We’re all about fostering a positive and totally inclusive community—join us!

You can use #ShareMeGB on any social network and it will give us the OK to share with others. If you do not use this, we will assume that you do not want to photo shared. We can’t wait to share more of your photos with the rest of the Gwynnie Bee community.

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