A great, well-thought-out review can be hugely helpful. Our member reviews section is one of the many features that makes Gwynnie Bee more than just a service; it makes us a community. Here are a few tips on how to leave a great review.

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When commenting on the way a piece fits, get specific! Other members want to know not only if the item runs true to size, but how it works for individual body types too.

Describe yourself. “I’m 5’2″ and this dress was the perfect length—right at my knees!” or “This dress was just my size, but I’m very tall and prefer a conservative hem,” are much more helpful than saying the dress “fit” and leaving it at that. Any information you can provide about your size, shape, height and preferences (do you typically prefer a loose fit, or something more form-fitting?) will help other members determine if the piece will work for them.

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What was the fabric like? Was it flowy, or was it more structured? Was it thicker or did it feel sheer?  Sometimes it can be hard to tell exactly what a piece will be like from the product photo and description alone. Was there anything about the garment that surprised you? (“I didn’t realize this skirt has a scalloped hem!” or “It’s hard to tell from the photo, but the buttons are actually navy, not black.”) Leave a note discussing those unexpected details.

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It’s great when members leave comments about how they styled the piece. Did you layer that top under a sleeveless dress? How did you accessorize? A good style tip can be inspiring! Have a #ShareMeGB photo of yourself and how you styled the look posted to your social media? Share it by leaving a link within the review.*

*If you’re unsure about what our social media policy is, check that out here.


If you experienced a quality issue with a piece you received, reach out to our customer service team! We want to address your problem right away and see what we can do to help!

And we ask that you please refrain from discussing pricing in the reviews section. Celebrate how the garment fits and makes you feel, not how much it costs!

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Did you wear it? Would you wear it again? Did you decide to buy it? What’s the final verdict? Let review readers know!

Thank you for all your thoughtful feedback!

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  • AngieKritenbrink

    I would love it if GB allowed users to upload photos. I love seeing the items on other actual girls in addition to the models. It would also be good if you had people say their height and the size they tried on.