Return Shipments are Going Blue!

In our efforts to continually improve our service for our members, we will be switching to US Postal Service for return shipments. This means that you will receive and send back all your Gwynnie Bee garments via your local post office. USPS offers quicker delivery times, as well as Saturday delivery – both of which means we get returns sooner and can process exchanges faster for the Gwynnie Bee community.

Changes in Returns to USPS

Early this summer, we will start to ship blue return bags in your boxes. Drop-off the blue bags at one of the approved USPS drop-off locations, any of the 180,000 blue collection boxes, or schedule a free pickup. The white bags that you already have at home will continue to work, but please remember to take the white ones to UPS locations.

We are committed to providing the best service possible and we hope that this service update will increase your enjoyment of Gwynnie Bee.

Visit our FAQs for more answers. As always, if you have any pressing questions, feel free to contact us.

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    BRAVO! I back this decision 100%. I live in a small town. I have no free UPS drop off points here. USPS will be MUCH easier for me.

    • gwynnie


      We’re glad to hear that this transition is only going to make your Gwynnie Bee experience better. Keep enjoying and exchanging!


  • JenM

    I’m in a small town, and have the exact opposite issue – I’ve got easy UPS drop boxes (as I walk into my office actually), but I actually have to make a trip inside the PO for anything other than standard envelopes. I realize you can’t make everyone happy, and I understand the need to make the change, but it’s a major bummer for me 🙁

    • gwynnie


      Sorry to hear this. We’re continuing to do research as we implement this transition to find ways to make US Postal Service returns as easy and convenient as possible. Please stay tuned. We’ll keep you posted with any updates we can provide.

      Question though: are you not able to pass this off to a local postman? If so, this could be a solution.

      Thanks for your comment.

      • JenM

        Unfortunately I don’t have that option. Our office utilizes a PO box, so no postman (and I don’t go to the PO) and my mailbox is too far from my house for my mailman to know there’s something to pick up without me calling them ahead of time. I could go that route, just a lot of extra hassle when I’m used to be able to dump my package in the UPS drop box outside my office building 🙂 For smaller packages, I can possibly stuff them in my mailbox for pickup, but that’s the only option I’ve come up with aside from making trips inside the PO 🙁

    • Crystal

      I’m with you. I have a UPS (a drop box)drop off 5 miles from my house. The closest PO location is 30 miles. So it’s going to be a 60 mile round trip to drop off a bag.

  • Robin

    Yes, I love this! For UPS drop-offs I have to hand my packages to my apartment manager that only makes drop-offs a few times a week. I can just pass USPS packages to the post-man!

    • gwynnie

      You got it Robin! Glad this works out well for you. Thanks for the feedback. Keep enjoying, exchanging and sharing any feedback you might have.

  • Amanda

    Yessss, thank you! Any reason why we can’t pop them in our own mailboxes though and throw the flag up?

    • gwynnie


      Great question! We’re hoping to confirm if this is a possibility. We’ve been pestering them for this answer, but hadn’t been able to get confirmation. Thus, we didn’t want to share information that we were not 100% confident about.

      If you try it and it works, let us know. 🙂

  • Rebecca

    Yay! I was having a very hard time finding a UPS drop box in my area. According to their website, there are tons around here, but most are inside of office buildings or banks and when I get around to dropping them off, those places are closed. USPS is much better for me.

    • gwynnie

      Great to hear it Rebecca. Keep enjoying and exchanging!

  • Ford

    That should be better. That was one of reasons (among many) I cancelled my membership, the slowwwwww turnaround times.

  • Lain

    I too have the exact opposite problem. The mail drop boxes close to my house accept only letters, no packages. The post office is not very convenient (on my commute route) and about to get worse with train construction. That’s not the worst of it. If the item weighs over 13 ounces (less than a pound), I have to stand in line to drop off. Every single time. To return two items at once, I will have to ship them individually to be able to avoid the line. I work for a large corporation that has a strict no personal mail policy. And, I live in a neighborhood where I would not want to leave your package in my mail box for pickup. I will try it a few months, but this may end my membership. I’ve stopped ordering from any catalog companies that require USPS for use in returning items for the reasons stated above.

    • gwynnie


      Oh no! We certainly don’t want to make it inconvenient for you. You mentioned that you couldn’t put your packages in the drop boxes near you as they are only letter drop boxes. However, is there a dropbox at the post office for prepaid packages to avoid standing in line? In our experience at USPS, you only had to stand in line when you needed to pay for the package.

      We certainly don’t want to lose your membership. However, the transition is a pervasive one. Just a thought: is there anyway that you could put a small lock on your mailbox and give the key to the mailman? 🙂

  • Ashley

    Is there a possibility to set up a setting option where we can choose the shipping option that is most convenient for us? Or possibly defaulting to USPS, but one would have the option to request UPS labels one-off? I know it would be a bit more hassle, but I would hate to have someone miss out on the service because of a return shipping issue.

    Even if someone would have to request one-off labels for each UPS return, it might be better than not having them as a member at all. We would already have the boxes from receiving items, which could be used for returning with a taped-on PDF UPS label. Instructions could be sent with the email.

    Just a thought.

    • gwynnie


      Unfortunately, the transition to USPS will be a pervasive one. We are consolidating our corporate accounts to US Postal Service and will no longer have a corporate account with UPS after this transition. Sorry. 🙁

      Are you able to leave your USPS packages for pick up at work?

  • rachel

    With the new change, is the tracking packages feature gone? Since the announcement, i made a return, and 2 days ago a new item is in my “at home” section, but still no tracking. It seems that the tracking info was always there in the past, and not delayed in being posted.

    • gwynnie


      The tracking feature should still be there. It seems like you might just not have been shipped yet for one reason or another. However, I can’t answer much as I don’t have your email address or last name from this comment. Do you mind reaching out to us at for get more details on your latest return and subsequent shipment?


  • Diane Baldwin

    After my first shipment with two items, I returned one with UPS bag and now I need to return the second one I do not have a bag. Any suggestions?

    • Gwynnie Bee

      Hi Diane – Please email our customer service team at and they’ll be happy to send you a prepaid label you can use with any packaging.