New Referral Program and Grand Finale Giveaway!

Gift your friends with Gwynnie Bee, and we gift you with free garments! Now, when you refer friends to Gwynnie Bee, you instantly get an additional free garment for a month. Whether your friend is joining as part of the free trial or as a paid member, you get instant gratification with an expanded Gwynnie Bee closet.

Referring friends is easy – they can take advantage of our 30 day free trial, and you instantly get an extra garment for a month! It’s a win-win.

As soon as your referrals sign up, the free garment(s) will be credited to your account and you will be notified via email of your reward.

To celebrate the new referral program, we’re closing out the Season of Giving with the Season of Giving Referral Contest.

Season of Giving:
Referrals must sign up as either a free trial or paid subscriber to qualify for the Season of Giving Contest. Any referral that has subscribed since December 1st will be included in the count. 
Standard referral benefits based on the date of referring and date of referral sign up still apply. 

For all members whose referral signed up for a Gwynnie Bee free trial before today, the referrer will receive a  free month when their referral becomes a paid subscriber.  For all members whose referral has not yet signed up for a Gwynnie Bee free trial, the referrer will receive a free garment as soon as their referral signs up for a free trial or paid membership.  Referrers referring a past member to re-join Gwynnie Bee will not be eligible for referral benefits.

Questions? Check out our FAQ here. Still have a question? Let us know in the comments or by emailing 

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