New! Recommendation “Dislike” Feature

Check out our newest site feature — a “dislike” option for your style recommendations. We want your picks to be personalized and in your control, as every woman’s style should be! Take a look below to learn more. Enjoy!

1. First, check out the styles in your picks for fabulous finds. If something is not quite your taste, simply click the “x” button on that style.


2. After you’ve weeded out your least favorites, click the “get new picks” button to generate a batch of new head-turning recommendations.


3. Evaluate or explore the next set of personal recos! It’s that easy.


Let us know how the dislike feature works for you! We’re always looking to make every step of your style as easy, fun, and fabulous as possible. Comment below!

  • Comments ( 7 )

  • karen stephens

    Is the “Style Picks” feature functional on the website? I can’t make it work.

    • Gwynnie Bee

      Hi Karen, Yes it’s functional on the website. Perhaps try a different web browser? If you can’t get it to work, please email our customer service team at and they can help troubleshoot.

  • Margit

    I can’t seem to find it anywhere guys?

    • Gwynnie Bee

      Hi Margit – Can you clear your cookies and re-try?

  • Kaijsa

    This feature does not work on Chrome for OSX. It works in Safari, but I’m not going to change browsers just to use one website. Chrome has a lot of users, but I find that some developers overlook it when designing.

    • Emmie

      I’m using Chrome on OSX and it’s working fine?

      • Kaijsa

        Weird. I’ve tried it on 2 machines running Mavericks and 1 still on Mountain Lion, and could not see the X on any of them in Chrome.