Hi Gwynnie Bee Members! This past quarter has come with a lot of exciting improvements and renovations that we hope you’ve been able to benefit from. We’d like to take the time to highlight these milestones as we get ready to take on even more. Enjoy!

New Brands at #gwynniebee

Upcoming brands at #gwynniebee

We try to keep up on new brands to make sure that wardrobe continues be fabulously endless!

New Pants at #gwynniebee

With new brands comes new styles. We’re excited about these new, trendy harem and peg style pants to add to our pants collection.


As you have probably discovered one way or another, we moved our shipping center to Columbus, Ohio. This move has allowed us to double our team preparing your shipments, and we hope that you are reaping the benefits!

#gwynniebee Lookbook

We hope you enjoyed and utilized our first ever lookbook, The Fabulous Life, as you styled for summer!

#gwynniebee Shape Reports

Our latest Shape Reports are updated to be even more helpful in finding that perfect, Cinderella-slipper fit. Measuring tips and shape identification help, followed by head-turning style suggestions, complete the recipe for flawless closet finds. Let us know what shapes and tips you’re looking for–every body is different, but everybody can find their stunning style.

#GwynnieBee Personalized Homepage

Hopefully you’ve noticed the latest site updates and have used them with ease. Since our last update, we’ve made member GB homepages into a personalized experience, offering personalized style suggestions based on your GB picks of past and present that refresh every time we get new arrivals (which is a lot!). Now you can nix suggestions that aren’t for you, and refresh to new styles that way as well. As an added plus, these recommendations are mobile-friendly and can be viewed on-the-go for all you busy bees!

The website got even more of a makeover with the introduction of the ability to purchase directly from the homepage, increasing convenience for all you shopaholics.

Blog Makeover

We love sharing all things style with you, hearing your opinions, and seeing your awesome GB looks!

#gwynniebee Pop Up Shops

We got the chance to hang and shop with Gwynnie Bee members in both South Florida and Lexington, KY. There’s never a bad time to snack, chat, and shop!

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