GB Rewards: Now Bigger & Better!

Guess what — GB Rewards has grown! We now have four super simple ways to earn points that are redeemable on At-Home purchases and Item Upgrades:


1. Closet, Closet, Closet
Rack up points adding great garments to your virtual closet. You can earn up to 50 points a week this way.

2. Make Smart Returns
Pack that return bag full! The more items in each return bag, the most points you can earn.

3. Love it? Another Reason To Keep It
You’ll earn 5 points for every $1 spent on Returned Favorites and At-Home purchases.

4. Monthly Renewal
The easiest one of them all – renew your membership. Each month you remain a member, you gain points.

All members and guests start out with 1,000 free points. There are no caps and no expiration dates on your points. Remember, the more you do, the more you earn!


Need more information? Check out our FAQ page for all the details.

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