Bundle & Win is Back with 50 Prizes!

The more you “bundle” your returns, the more entries you earn, and the more chances you have to win! This spring, earn a chance to win one of 50 prizes from Gwynnie Bee simply by sending two or more items per blue bag back at a time.

Between March 4th-April 3rd, each time we receive a package with at least two garment in it, you’ll be automatically entered into the drawing for to win one of the 50 prizes. The more you “bundle” your returns, the more entries you earn, and the more chances you have to win!

What’s up for grabs?
Grand Prize: Four members will win a free 5 item plan for 6 months.
First Prize: 16 members will win $50 credit towards their monthly payments.
Second Prize: 30 members will win a $30 credit towards their monthly payments.

Who’s eligible and how do the entries work?
Each member is automatically entered when they return a package with one or more items in it. Take note: the more items you return at a time, the more entries you will earn per return!

2 items = 3 entries
3 items = 6 entries
4 items = 9 entries
5 items = 12 entries

How do you choose winners?
Winners will be randomly chosen from the pool of member entries accumulated over the 30 day period starting on March 4th and ending on April 3rd. Winners will be announced on March 19th and April 4th via email.

Why is Gwynnie Bee asking us to do this?
One of our goals here at Gwynnie Bee is to reward our loyal members. One way we can do that is by creating some savings on postal and reinvesting it in places that we believe will majorly impact your member experience. We have a number of ideas in the pipeline to make Gwynnie Bee an even better experience for all our members so stay tuned!

Rules and eligibility of Bundle Return Shipping Challenge:
No purchase necessary to enter. Contest is limited to US residents only, void where prohibited. Limit of one prize per entrant for this contest. Members in good standing will automatically receive entries for bundled returns according to the entry schedule above. Only returns submitted between March 4th, 2016 and April 3rd, 2016 will be counted toward each member’s number of entries. All entries determined by Gywnnie Bee’s automated return system. Any disputes shall be resolved at Gwynnie Bee’s sole discretion. To enter without purchase or subscription, one must email gwynnie@gwynniebee.com to be entered. Employees and family members of Gwynnie Bee are not eligible to win.

5 members won a free 5 item plan for 6 months!
Jennifer W.
Ria S.
Emily L.
Ariel H.
Wanda M.

16 members won a $50 credit towards their monthly payments!
Hollie F.
Denise B.
Jacque S.
Melissa D.
Latisha H.
Cantrece C.
Stephanie S.
Marcia H.
Elicia S.
Robert N.
Kendra P.
Jessica P.
Dana V.
Jennifer G.
Ashley C.
Maddie F.

30 members won a $30 credit towards their monthly payments!
Tiffany S.
Gina G.
Eloisa A.
Veronica F.
Cree M.
Katie P.
Latoya H.
Alyssa H.
Shaundy M.
Ashley Y.
Emily M.
Mandy L.
Tonya P.
Tabitha L.
Ashley B.
Jen A.
Teresa S.
Denise D.
Christine U.
Amy L.
Tanya J.
Margarita G.
Jackie C.
Amanda B.
Amy M.
Alexa M.
Jennifer K.
Michelle W.
Dawnelle C.
Lindsay B.

Thank you all for entering and be sure to keep an eye out for our next big sweepstakes! 

  • Comments ( 6 )

  • Johna Becerra

    Yay! This is so awesome. I always send 2 items back at a time. Rewards!!!

  • Camille

    Is this contest beginning on March 4 or March 12. Your blog has two different sets of dates. Please confirm. Thank you.

    • http://closet.gwynniebee.com Gwynnie Bee

      Hi Camille – Apologies for the confusion. The contest dates are March 4th-April 3rd

  • http://closet.gwynniebee.com Gwynnie Bee

    This is only eligible for those who have more than 1 item at a time at home.

  • cubbieblue4ever

    This is great! Do we have to keep track, or is there somewhere where you are listing our entries per returns? Thanks so much!

    • http://closet.gwynniebee.com Gwynnie Bee

      Hi – your entries are logged when we scan your items back in from receiving.