UPDATED: Bundle Up Winners Announced!

Back in December, you ladies started the challenge of bundling your return shipments. Now reap the rewards of those efforts!

Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to all of our members who participated! Without further ado…

(All winners will be notified individually via email with details on their prize.)

Grand Prize Winners (5) win 6 months free of a 5 item plan

  1. Jacquie W.
  2. Stephanie G.
  3. Teresea A.
  4. Julia S.
  5. Dayne W.

Second Prize Winners (15) win a $50 credit to their monthly payment

  1. Melissa D.
  2. Lorie A.
  3. Debbie B.
  4. Jessica H.
  5. Angela A.
  6. Melissa D.
  7. Erin L.
  8. Heather P.
  9. Katie L.
  10. AuBree L.
  11. Nicole B.
  12. Sarah F.
  13. Stacey K.
  14. Sarah W.
  15. Christina T.

Third Prize Winners (30)  win a $25 credit to their monthly payment

  1. Katie P.
  2. Kate T.
  3. Cristal R.
  4. Shasta E.
  5. Vivian B.
  6. Christine R.
  7. Sharon H.
  8. Amanda H.
  9. Jenny C.
  10. Jane O-S.
  11. Jessica B.
  12. Aubrie B.
  13. Reida M.
  14. Lori H.
  15. Jayme R.
  16. Courtnee G.
  17. Abbey H.
  18. Kathy C.
  19. Karin H.
  20. Amanda D.
  21. Kathryn S.
  22. Valerie T.
  23. Natalia N.
  24. Selena S.
  25. Twyla P.
  26. Debbie K.
  27. Amanda W.
  28. Valerie C.
  29. Rebecca W.
  30. Alexandria K.

We appreciate your enthusiasm for this contest!

  • Comments ( 12 )

  • Nicole B

    Such a great idea for a contest!!! I started the habit of bundling and hope to continue as I am sure it keeps costs down

    • http://curvilyfashion.com/ Curvily NYC

      Better for the environment too 🙂

  • http://curvilyfashion.com/ Curvily NYC

    Congrats everyone!

  • Monica

    Well crap. I didn’t win

  • Heather Powell

    Thank you so much! I am so excited!

  • Susan Mays

    I didn’t even know about the contest. How does one get into this circle of friends?

    • http://closet.gwynniebee.com Gwynnie Bee

      Hi Susan, the contest was promoted on our blog, in emails, and on a banner when you logged into Closet. You can always find the latest contests here at blog.gwynniebee.com.

  • Jessica Holland

    I am Jessica H. But am I THE Jessica H?!

    • http://closet.gwynniebee.com Gwynnie Bee

      Hi Jessica – all winners were notified via email. Different Jessica H.

      • Jessica

        Ahh, got all excited for nothing!

  • Susan Mays

    Thank you so much for your answer. I will be checking in more often now. 🙂

  • Diana S

    Congrats to all the winners! I’ve been bundling my items since summer. I was concerned before being encouraged to do so due to the fact that I always keep track of the tracking # of packages going back (it’s insured for $50 going back according to USPS site) and once my package went to NY instead of OH.