Bundle Up & Win: 50 Prizes Worth $5000

The more you “bundle” your returns, the more entries you earn, and the more chances you have to win!

This holiday season, earn a chance to win 1 of 50 prizes from Gwynnie Bee simply by sending 2 or more items per blue bag back at a time.

Between December 12th and January 12th, each time we receive a package with more than 1 garment in it, you’ll be automatically entered into the drawing for to win 1 of the 50 prizes. The more you “bundle” your returns, the more entries you earn, and the more chances you have to win!

What’s up for grabs?

Grand Prize: 5 members will win a free 5 item plan for 6 months
First Prize: 15 members will win $50 credit to their monthly payment
Second Prize: 30 members will win a $25 credit to their monthly payment

Who’s eligible and how do the entries work?

Each member is automatically entered when they return a package with 2 or more items in it. Take note, the more items you return at a time, the more entries you will earn per return.

2 items per package: 1 entry
3 items per package: 3 entries
4 items per package: 6 entries
5 items per package: 10 entries

How do you choose winners?

Winners will be randomly chosen from the pool of member entries accumulated over the 30 day period on January 12th. Winners will be announced no later than January 13th via social media and email.

Why is Gwynnie Bee asking us to do this?

One of our goals here at Gwynnie Bee is to reward loyal members. One way we can do that is by creating some savings on postal and reinvesting it in places that we believe will majorly impact your member experience. We’re considering reinvesting these potential savings into loyal member benefits. Some of our ideas include adding a loyalty points program, new brands, new style options, and better user features on our site!

Rules and eligibility of Bundle Return Shipping  Challenge:

  1. Only members in good standing are eligible to win.
  2. Members are limited to win 1 prize for this contest. 
  3. Only returns submitted between December 12, 2014 and January 12, 2015 will be counted toward each member’s number of entries.
  4. Employees and family members of Gwynnie Bee are not eligible to win.
  5. No purchase necessary to enter. To enter without purchase or subscription, one must email gwynnie@gwynniebee.com to be enter. This submission method is limited to 1 entry per person.
  6. Contest is limited to US residents only.
  7. All entries determined by Gywnnie Bee’s automated return system. Any disputes shall be resolved at Gwynnie Bee’s sole discretion.
  • Comments ( 29 )

  • Femmegrrrl

    Man, I love you guys!

  • Trish

    This is tricky, because when we put more than one thing in a bag, they often don’t all get checked back in, then they stay in our closet, we email customer service multiple times….it’s taking a risk every time we put more than one in a bag.

    • Stephanie Johnson

      Thanks for sharing your concern. We’re grateful to have received this feedback so that we can do our best to encourage member bulk shipping behavior from A to Z. We’ll make sure that this concern is communicated across the team in an attempt to continually improve our shipping operations.

    • http://closet.gwynniebee.com Gwynnie Bee

      Hi Trish and Kat – Thanks for sharing your concern. We’re grateful to have received this feedback so that we can do our best to encourage member bulk shipping behavior from A to Z. This has been communicated with our receiving team and they understand the importance of this with regards to general service and as it pertains to this contest. Please reach out to gwynnie@gwynniebee.com (as you have done in the past) if you encounter any additional problems.

      • Maria Pergolino

        Just confirming this is a real issue. There is an item in my list right now that I returned that didn’t get checked back in. It’s the third time that this has happened (I have the largest plan so I understand I may be returning more at a time than other people) but it’s definitely an issue. The kicker to this one is that it is an item I didn’t even request, that was sent to me incorrectly. Hoping this gets better.

  • Kat

    I agree with Trish. I have a dress still in my closet for over 6 weeks they first said they didn’t get, then they said they’d check on it and it would be taken out of my closet within a few days. Nope. I send everything one per bag so I can track them.

  • SS

    What dress is the model from this email wearing? It’s great and I want it in my closet

    • http://closet.gwynniebee.com Gwynnie Bee

      Hi – It’s a BB Dakota dress that will be released soon, called the Degel Dress

  • Tonya

    I’ve had pretty good luck sending back multiple items in one bag so hopefully that continues. In fact, a couple months ago I accidentally sent a camisole I own along with my GB returns. The receiving department shipped it back to me with a nice note before I even noticed it was missing.

  • Sarah

    So are you going to make the blue bags bigger so we actually can send back up to 4 or 5 items at a time?

  • Gina Marcell

    I try to always send more than one garment at a time, but glad that you are
    promoting this now with a contest.I also send the little blue
    cardboard tags back so they will get reused. Hopefully I am not the only
    one doing this. I feel like GB is ‘my’ company, and so I want to save
    money for both of us, any time I can. I actually have several extra blue
    bags – would you like them back next time I send a garment back?

    • Tina

      I too return the tags. Not many ways your can recycle them around the house. Sending back the unused blue bags is a great idea!

    • Laurelanwyn

      Can you send the extra blue bags to me? My cats seem like to eat them. I hide them and they find them.

      • Gina Marcell

        well I doubt you could use them, they track our returns on the label!

        • Laurelanwyn

          They have sent me “printable return labels” to use, but no more bags. Unfortuantely, I don’t have anything that really works to ship thing back in.

          • Melissa

            They are paying for priority service. You can go into any post office and ask them for a free priority box or bag. Just attach your label and your good to go!

      • Torri

        OMG! Unrelated but my cats enjoy the bags as snacks as well! Too funny…

    • http://closet.gwynniebee.com Gwynnie Bee

      Hi! Yes, of course you can send the cardboard tags back. If you have an abundance of blue bags, you can shoot our customer service team an email at gwynnie@gwynniebee.com and ask them to stop sending bags for a while. This way you can use the ones you have at home without accumulating more.

  • Laurelanwyn

    Is there a way we can find out how many entries we have?

  • Candace

    I didn’t see the more you put in one bag the more entries part, I only got to read the top at a glance and thought it was 1 entry for each 2 items in a bag, I sent back 3 bags of 2 🙁

  • KLA

    Are you going to provide members with the number of entries we have?

    • http://closet.gwynniebee.com Gwynnie Bee

      Unfortunately, with the nature of this contest being a test, we don’t have the ability to calculate the entries by request during the contest period – all of the data is getting pulled and analyzed at the conclusion of the contest. Sorry. We will consider this for future contests of this nature.

  • Teesha

    I’d love to be entered – but I tend to buy about half of what I get. Could consideration be given to those who purchase the garment?

    • http://closet.gwynniebee.com Gwynnie Bee

      Teesha, as long as you are returning items a couple at a time, you will entered. So there is definitely a chance to win. However, this contest is focused on bulk shipping, so we would not be able to give consideration to those who purchase. Perhaps that’s something to focus on for a future contest. We are thrilled to hear that you buy that much. Says to us that you are discovering a great number of items that you love. Yay!

  • Kimmiew08

    Do you actually have to receive the garment before its counted. What if I mail it out on 1/10/15, does that still count if snail mail gets it to you on 1/13/15?

    • http://closet.gwynniebee.com Gwynnie Bee

      Hi – we have to receive the garment as the entry takes place when we check the garments in physically. It must be received by 1/12 as we’re drawing the winner 1/13.

  • SBanks

    This promotion looks like it ended 1/12, but the advertisement suddenly appeared at the top of my closet today on 3/6.