Brands to Know: Shoshanna

Designer Shoshanna Gruss arrived on the scene in 1998 with a dedication to not only fit and flatter her customer’s figure, but also add a whimsical flair. Over the past 20 years, Shoshanna has continued to expand her collection, dressing Hollywood darlings like Mindy Kaling, Isla Fischer, January Jones, and more. We’re pleased to announce we’re launching C’est Nous by Shoshanna, an exclusive collection that spans our full size range. Read on to learn more about this prophetic designer, the collection created for GB, and how Shoshanna designs with you in mind. read more

New Years Resolutions You’ll Feel Good About Keeping

We are so over traditional New Years resolutions, that while well-meaning, can range from disappointing to downright insulting. We think you’re pretty incredible just the way you are, thank you very much! However, we love an opportunity to double down on our goals and remind ourselves what is important to us. With that said, we’ve come up with eight New Years resolutions you will relish keeping all year around. read more