Why Plus-Size? Rachel Antonoff Spills on Her Exclusive Collab With Gwynnie Bee

Designer Rachel Antonoff has built a cult following with her quirky and bold prints, theatrical presentation, and intricate themes. “Clothes should be a partner in crime for adventure,” she says. We’ve been fans for a long time, which is why we are thrilled to announce that Rachel has designed an exclusive capsule collection, just for GB! We sat down with Rachel in her studio to chat conversation-starting fashion, why she’s excited to design for the plus market, and how she met her rescue pup, Lafitte.

Rachel Antonoff for Gwynnie Bee Designer Rachel Antonoff

The partnership with Rachel Antonoff feels like the perfect fit as both brand identities really center around inclusivity and feeling great in your clothes. She feels pretty thrilled about it too, “We’re big fans of Gwynnie Bee. I was really excited to partner with you because plus size is an incredibly important market that I’m not sure gets enough attention. But it’s certainly starting to!”

For newcomers to Rachel’s design aesthetic, her collections are best known for their detailed narratives and unique prints.  Rachel tells us, “We love the idea that our clothes could be conversation starters.” Two notable examples include a colorful fruit print from a Troop Beverly Hills Camp inspired Spring collection, to a dissected frog print stemming from a science fair theme.

Rachel Antonoff for GB Gwynie Bee CEO Christine Hunsicker (left) in the Rachel Antonoff Rico Top Tutti Frutti with Rachel Antonoff (right)

Personality and humor are a strong line through each piece, as Rachel explains, “We love the combination of weird and pretty. Like the dissected frog print. It’s something that you might think is a beautiful floral from a distance and then getting to point out, actually, those are guts. It’s sort of like a little joke you can have with yourself all day.”

For those who are a little more print-averse, Rachel, also offers a selection of dainty florals and soft pastels that complement the statement pieces beautifully, for a collection of prints that Rachel calls her “greatest hits”.

Rachel Antonoff for Gwynnie Bee Rachel Antonoff Sam Dress in Floral

Rachel’s passion for designing is very personal for her. She feels honored to be a part of someone’s daily life through fashion, saying, “Clothing is so woven into our memories as humans. It’s a very tactile memory. The fact that we could play a part in someone’s important day, happy day, sad day… that feels special and like a privilege.”

Get to know Rachel more below!

What are three words that describe your aesthetic?
Casual, silly, messy.

Song you’re currently playing on repeat?
“Dope” by Fifth Harmony.

App you’re currently obsessed with?
BarkBuddy, which is like Tinder for rescue dogs and that’s how Lafitte came to join us!

Website you check daily?
StreetEasy. I think a lot the way people’s fingers go to Instagram and Twitter mine go to StreetEasy, Zillow, and Redfin. I am looking for an apartment but it’s more than that, it’s a true passion.

Vacation destination you’re dying to go to?
Italy. My favorite part of vacation is usually eating and Italy is clearly the place to go do that.

If you were a print, what print would you be?
An animal print, probably a lot of little dogs all over.

Coffee or tea?

Brunch or dinner?

Flats or heels?

Tote or clutch?
Tote. I have a habit that if something is not attached to my person I might put it down or throw it out, so I don’t trust my own hands to be enough.

Eyeliner or lipstick?
Eyeliner. The only makeup I use regularly to feel like a presentable person, so it’s pretty important to me.

Person you’d most like to dress?
Edie Falco, Jane Fonda, and Angelica Huston. We’re big fans of all three.

Rachel Antonoff for Gwynnie Bee

Ready to get in on the action? Check out our playful Rachel Antonoff Lookbook and start closeting the collection today!

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