Model Profile: Nicole

We love sharing our “Not a Model” photo shoots with you, but we thought it would be interesting to share some information behind the Gwynnie Bee models that we shoot all of our product images with. Today we introduce you to our newest Gwynnie Bee model! 

Meet Nicole Zepeda
Size 16/18
Height 5’8″, Bust 38DD, Waist 34″, Hips 49″

Originally from? San Juan, Texas
Currently living in: Brooklyn, New York
Interests: Singing, Acting, Dancing, Theatre, Film, Helping People, Animals, & Love.

Agency: Dorothy Combs Models

How did you start modeling? 

I had moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting. I was forever being told that I had the talent and this beautiful, or “hot” face, but my body was too big. Realize that I had lost over 80 pounds at this point. Then, a friend took new headshots of me. Our “headshot shoot” turned into an extremely fun, modeling shoot. That’s when I realized, “Maybe I AM photogenic?”

After that, I began researching like crazy. Within 3 months, Monique Jacqueline, a regular sized model, recommended me for my first, paying job wearing “Dereon.” I did numerous free shoots to build my portfolio, and I volunteered at Full Figured Fashion Week LA. I wanted to learn the business. Unexpectedly, I was assigned to be the assistant to the Executive Creator, Gwen DeVoe.  I learned more ropes that anyone could have asked for.  That’s when it hit me, “I can do this.”

By January of 2011, I was modeling every week for a then, start-up company called  By March, I had won a national plus size model search for City Chic, the #1 Plus Size retailer out of Australia, Plus Model Magazine, and Full Figured Fashion Week. In June, they flew me to NY for a photo shoot. I dropped everything and moved to NY to continue hustling.  It’s been two years. I’m working… and I have help, now. I have an agent.  It’s a relief, and it’s still surreal when I step into a studio. I’m doing it. I guess, in a way, I’m really just supposed to be where I am.

“Spending time with my Theatre Director sister, Jacqueline Zepeda in South Texas.”

Of the Gwynnie Bee outfits you’ve modeled for us, which was your favorite?

Well, that’s tough! I love dresses and I modeled so many! Oh, I can’t pick. I will say that I remember the way the Kiyonna and Igigi looks felt. I appreciate the quality of their clothing.

Nicole in the Igigi Ariel Dress

What trend(s) are you most excited to experiment with this summer?

Hands down, the Aztec print trend.

What are you busy with when you’re not in front of the camera?

Being human! When I actually stop working, I love going to the movies and watching theatre shows. I’m trying to explore more and live a bit.  Ice skating in December was a blast, now I want to go kayaking 🙂

“We did it! Hiking up to the Griffith Park Observatory in Los Angeles with my college roommate, Heather Saenz.”

What’s your daily uniform?

Jeans, a t-shirt for home.  Otherwise, I like to wear a dress, or business looks with heels, when I can.

Nicole in the Eloquii Leopard Print Dress

What’s your go-to accessory?

Earrings! <3

What’s one thing you can’t live without?

My family.

Who or what is your greatest fashion inspiration?

Three people come to mind: Jennifer Lopez, Salma Hayek, and Angelina Jolie. The first two because they’re Hispanic, curvy, classy, and successful. Enough said. Angelina Jolie because she’s classy too, but she has this sultry, sexiness about her. I have that side too. So, I love wearing black, sexy dresses.

From Gwynnie Bee’s collection, what would you wear:

Thanks Nicole for giving us a glimpse into your world! 

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