Genny’s is a familiar face to any Gwynnie Bee member. She’s a New Yorker, born and raised; a lover of sport, music, and travel; and she’ll be making yet another appearance in our upcoming batch of New Arrivals. Set to launch Thursday, October 3rd, we’ve got a gorgeous set of inspired fall pieces from brand favorites MYNT 1792, Anna Scholz, London Times, Jaime, and more. Here Genny opens up about her fashion sensibilities, inspirations, and aspirations, and shares photos from her personal adventures!

[Above] Genny models a vest from MYNT 1792, available in the next batch of New Arrivals

So Genny, how’d you get your start in modeling?

I began modeling when I was 7 years old in school talent shows. My first major shoot was for Seventeen Magazine – that is where the journey really began for me. What attracted me to modeling was the sheer genius of it all; the feeling of accomplishment when I was able to bring a designer’s clothing to life and translate their vision through my facial forms and bodily movement. I was addicted to the art.

Genny beside the Eiffel Tower in Paris

Who or what is your greatest fashion inspiration?

Believe it or not, my greatest fashion inspiration has been my grandmother. She wears whatever she feels like wearing and whatever she puts together usually works. She has always been a trendsetter – she has that gift.

What are you busy with when you’re not in front of the camera?

When not working, I spend time with family. I stay busy honing my craft and working to become a better model and a better woman all at once. There is more work at home than there is in front of the camera.

Genny poses on her visit to London
(note: London Guard uniform not currently available via Gwynnie Bee)

What’s one thing you can’t live without?

I cannot live without my book bag. In there, I keep my eye concealer, clothes, phone, iPad, and everything else that matters.

What’s your go-to accessory?

My go-to accessories are pretty scarves and cool headbands.

Genny dancing with the crowd in costume

Of the Gwynnie Bee outfits you’ve modeled for us which are your 3 favorites?

My three favorite Gwynnie Bee outfits are the ASOS Curve Dress in Aztec Print, the Kiyonna Ciara Cinch Dress in Purple, and the Leslie Fay Aqua Mod Dress.

Genny Modeling her faves: the Kiyonna Ciara Cinch Dress in Purple, sizes 0-5, the ASOS Curve Dress in Aztec Print, sizes 10-22, and the Leslie Fay Aqua Mod Dress, sizes 10-18.

Which Gwynnie Bee brand would you recommend for women who are also triangle-shaped?

Kiyonna has been the best fitting brand for my body type. I love the way Kiyonna dresses and skirts hug my curves.

Genny modeling Kiyonna: the Shayla Lace Skirt in Teal, sizes 0-3, the Brenna Ballet Dress with Zoe Belt, sizes 0-5, and the Paris Pencil Skirt Navy Floral, sizes 0-5 worn with the Marie Mesh Top Navy, sizes 0-4

Do you have any other advice, tips, or tricks for women like yourself?

If you got it, flaunt it. Break the rules and have confidence. I don’t think there is a specific way to dress for my body type. I just think that whatever a woman decides to wear, it should be flattering and not over-done. Be sexy, but don’t be a sideshow.

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