Model Profile: Eliza

Eliza B. may be a familiar face to those of you eager fashionistas who jumped on our New Arrivals yesterday – she recently brought to life looks from Maittai, Jessica Simpson, and ASOS Curve.

Originally from Wilmington, DE, Eliza has come a long way. Encouraged by the support of the women around her, she began to pursue a career in modeling which led her to Brooklyn, NY where she currently lives. Here she tells us about her go-to accessories, her favorite Gwynnie Bee looks, and shares tips on dressing for your shape.

What’s your daily uniform?

A shirtdress or tunic, and either leggings or no leggings depending on the length of the dress and how hot it is outside!

What are you busy with when you’re not in front of the camera?

When I’m not modeling, I love to stay fit and active. I also love traveling, going to the beach, and being around nature. Lately I’ve been helping my mother with her garden. We picked blueberries this summer, and next year we’ll have peaches!

Eliza modeling the Kiyonna Caleigh Convertible Skirt & Dress in Navy, Maitai Striped Dress with Keyhole Neckline, and Tanjay Scoopneck Geo Print Dress

What trends are you most excited to experiment with this summer?

I’m not really into trends… I prefer to wear what I know will look good, and feel good, and highlight my best features. I love pieces that can transition from late summer to fall with leggings and a sweater added on top.

What’s your go-to accessory?

My little black Balenciaga bag.

Who or what is your greatest fashion inspiration?

Other women in New York. .. they inspire me every day!

Of the Gwynnie Bee outfits you’ve modeled for us, which are your 3 favorites?

Kiyonna wrap dress – a good wrap dress is such a staple for a girl with curves. I also liked the Jones NY Belted cap sleeve dress (I love the color coral… it’s universally flattering), and finally the Kiyonna Linden Lace top because it was something I would never have chosen for myself off the rack, but it felt so comfortable and sexy at the same time.

Eliza modeling her faves: the Kiyonna Whimsy Wrap Dress Teal, Kiyonna Linden Lace Top in Beige Lining, and Jones NY Belted Cap Sleeve Dress

Which Gwynnie Bee brands have you offer the best fit for your body type?

Kiyonna is a favorite – their clothes just feel so comfortable.

What advice, tips, or tricks do you have for women who have the same body type as you? 

This took me a long time to figure out, so I really feel for many women who have trouble. I watched a lot of What Not to Wear, which is like a master class in how to dress for your body type. The numbers do not matter! Do not allow what size you may be to define you… it’s just not fair to yourself. I have a true hourglass figure, which I have embraced, but it definitely does not work with a lot of the “trend” fashions in magazines, etc. I really looked to how women dressed in the past. I am a huge fan of dresses… they just really do it all. I emphasize my assets (my small waist and large bust) while still staying pretty covered up on top. (a hint of cleavage is enough) I would say just try, try, try on clothing. Gwynnie Bee has an amazing resource for curvy ladies like me, and they curate it really well. Once you have figured out what silhouettes, brands, etc, work best for you, then you can go back to those again and again. Be kind to yourself, and embrace your bodies, ladies! When you wear something that makes you feel good, you radiate that energy… and that is beautiful.

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  • susan

    I was just telling my friends Gwynnie Bee is a great way to find out what works and looks good on you versus what doesn’t. It has helped me know what to look for. For example I love sheath dresses but now know they look awful on me lol. I know now that a line and wrap dresses look great on me so when I do go out to buy a dress, I stay away from the sheath dresses no matter how cute they may be. I also like trendy clothing but sometimes trendy clothing doesn’t like me so I can try before I buy which I love.

  • Danielle

    Excited to hear more about Eliza! An an hourglass myself, its nice to her her perspective about how to embrace your curves and not to stress about the size you’re wearing. I also agree with just a touch of cleavage is enough for busty gals like myself. Thanks for letting us get to know the Gwynniebee models!

  • Jennifer

    This is what I missed about MODE — seeing women with body shapes like mine that looked gorgeous in their clothes. I’m sure that Eliza is at least half a foot taller than me, but her body shape is similar to mine and so it’s nice to have my instincts about what would work on me confirmed. I just closeted that pink snake-print dress yesterday.

  • Pepper

    Eliza is one of my favorite GB models! She seems to look good in everything.

  • Eliza

    I’m so glad to hear that you ladies got something out of what I shared! It was so nice to hear your thoughts as well! Aw, thanks, Pepper!! Xo