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For this edition, we’re headed to Queens, NY to introduce you to Jennifer. An entrepreneur working in the age of social media marketing, Jennifer is a self-employed New Yorker with a strong sense of personal style. Jennifer talks to us about being a self-starter, how you can have it all, and her love for cat pajamas. For these reasons and many more… we’re inspired by Jennifer!

Leota Perfect Wrap Dress in Summer Plaid

Tell us a bit about you and your personal style!
I’ve jokingly referred to my style as “cat lady chic!” So yes, I’m a bit of a cat lady, but the coolest one you’ll ever meet. I live in Queens, NY, and run a business from my home, so I mostly work in pajamas. I love wine, cats (have I mentioned I like cats?), massages, & vacations. I travel as often as I can! I’m also an adjunct professor at City College, and an advocate for survivors of domestic abuse. I would describe my style as comfy, casual, and simple. If its black, white, and/or grey (I’ll take the occasional cobalt blue) and fits well, I love it. Also, LEGGINGS. Lots and lots of leggings.

03_08_17_Jennifer-296 New York Clothing Company Keyhole Dress with Coral Border

What do you do for work?
I’m self-employed via my Facebook Ads business. What I do is help businesses generate leads and acquire new customers through the power of Facebook Advertising. I have an online course that teaches entrepreneurs how to run their own Facebook campaigns, regularly lead workshops on the topic, and manage the entire process for my premium clients — many of whom see a 1000% (not a typo) ROI from the ads I run for them.

IMG_8167 Jete Elizabeth Top in Black

What’s unique about being an entrepreneur?
For me, it all comes down to ownership — of my life, my time, my money. I get to decide what every day looks like. And for me, that means a workday that starts at 11am (but often goes until 8pm), video calls in cat pajamas, working on projects that I’m truly aligned with, and making lots of money while helping other entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give a woman taking the next step in her professional development?
The story you’ve been told about not being able to have it all is a lie.

03_08_17_Jennifer-318 Leota Perfect Wrap Dress in Summer Plaid

What are your favorite pieces from your photoshoot and why?
I LOVED both of the tops with leggings, mostly because these looks were the most “me.” Yes, I occasionally need to dress up for a speaking engagement or workshop, but a casual all-black, or black and white look, is something I would wear more regularly. I will definitely be closet-ing both of those items 🙂

IMG_8136 INC International Concepts Zipper Shirt in Moroccan Window

How does your GB subscription work into your professional life?It’s a life savor. Seriously. The reality of my life and being a busy entrepreneur is that my weight can fluctuate. Knowing that I can always get a “new wardrobe” without actually buying a new wardrobe makes things so much less stressful. Also, because my day-to-day attire is pretty casual, I love using GB to source some nicer items if I have an event or conference coming up. Also, I just don’t have time to shop!

2017-03-14 Leota Perfect Wrap Dress in Summer Plaid

What’s your favorite thing about being a GB member?
Can I say “everything?” Seriously, I rave about GB all the time. I guess the best part is knowing that, as a plus-size woman with otherwise limited choices, there’s a place for ME! It isn’t just about the clothes — although getting to wear well-designed, stylish clothes as a bigger woman can sometimes feel like a miracle. GB feels like a safe space for me; a community. From the website to the social media posts and the emails (hey GB marketing team!), GB is a constant reminder that my body, and all bodies, are beautiful.

IMG_8094 Leota Perfect Wrap Dress in Summer Plaid

How do you fit personal style into your work wardrobe?
Cat pajamas? Just kidding 🙂 Since I’m the boss, I get to wear whatever I want! My “work” wardrobe IS my personal style.

Thanks for sharing your story, Jennifer! If you would like to be considered for an upcoming installment of “We’re Inspired By…”, submit your unique story!

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