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For this edition, we’re popping over to Astoria, Queens to catch up with Ellen D., a quirky and fun, aspiring blogger and pharmacist. She gave us a tour of her neighborhood and shared with us her passion for helping those in need, living with a positive outlook, and of course, fashion. Read on to find out the many more reasons why we are inspired by… Ellen D.!

We're Inspired By... Ellen City Chic Spotty Fun Dress

Meet the Member!
Name: Ellen D.
Location: Astoria, NYC
Member Since: October 2015

1. Tell our readers a little bit about yourself!
I’m a Southern girl who has made NYC her home for the past 6 years. I’ve officially been sucked in by city life! Even though I’ve lived in both Brooklyn and Manhattan, I now live in and LOVE Astoria. Queens! Who’d’ve thunk it? I work as a pharmacist in a New York City hospital. My role as a pharmacist is non-traditional. I hold a specialty certification in Ambulatory Care, and I currently work with a team of doctors, nurses, and social workers to help at-risk populations understand and manage their chronic health conditions. I love what I do! I recently entered the world of blogging. My blog focuses on my passions: fashion, cooking and cuisine, positive and healthy living and travel. I also use my blog to talk about how I overcame an eating disorder and hopefully can inspire those who still suffer.

We're Inspired By... Ellen Carmakoma Avi Dress

2. What inspired you to become a Gwynnie Bee member?
I really felt like my work wardrobe was lacking in professional dresses. I wanted more variety but didn’t want to invest a ton of money in a new wardrobe —not to mention that NYC apartments have very limited closet space! I’d seen ads for Gwynnie Bee online for a while and felt like it was the perfect solution to my dilemma.

We're Inspired By... Ellen City Chic Cobalt Ponte Crop Jacket and City Chic Dahlia Stripe Dress

3. What has your Gwynnie Bee experience been like thus far?
Great! I relish seeing those packages on my doorstep when I come home from work! I know that whatever is inside will solve my “I don’t have anything to wear” moments that week. I love the variety of pieces I can get: trendy, work, classic, dressy, casual. I love that when I send back an item, I can expect a just-as-fabulous replacement within a few days.

We're Inspired By... Ellen City Chic Spotty Fun Dress

4. How has Gwynnie Bee changed the way you approach fashion?
I tend to be a collector of clothes. My wardrobe is a collection of items that I absolutely love in some way. Because I tend to only purchase things that I’m head-over-heels with, many items that I’m interested in remain left on the rack (or in the virtual shopping cart) whenever I shop. Gwynnie Bee allows me to have it all! I can keep the pieces I love and toy around with things that are just ‘interesting’. I feel like Gwynnie Bee has expanded the range of styles I’m willing to try as budget constraints and space issues limited my curiosity and ability to do so in the past.

We're Inspired By... Ellen Carmakoma Avi Dress

5. What pieces have you been most excited to receive? Has any piece surprised you with how much you love it?
Anything by City Chic or Carmakoma! These clothing lines were thoughtfully made with a curvaceous woman in mind! I love the cuts and quality of the clothes from those labels. Also, anything Julian Taylor. Taylor Dresses fit me perfectly and come in many styles, prints, and colors. One of my favorite dresses was the City Chic Fire Up Dress. Wrap dresses do wonders for my shape!

I was so surprised by how much I loved the Eliza J Shift Dress in Floral Blossom. I love prints, but I honestly wasn’t terribly excited to receive this one. For some reason, I thought it might look a bit boxy. Boy, was I wrong! The dress looked amazing on and really complemented my figure. The print totally popped too!

We're Inspired By... Ellen City Chic Cobalt Ponte Crop Jacket and City Chic Dahlia Stripe Dress

6. How would you describe your sense of style? What influences your fashion sense?
My style is definitely vintage-inspired as well as eclectic. I love mixing classic pieces (like a pencil skirt) with a modern, graphic print top. I do a blend of classic looks with today’s trends. I love getting what many people call ‘dressed up’. To me, that’s just everyday clothing. Casual looks are really a stretch for me as I love and would much rather wear dresses, skirts, frilly tops, and cute shoes than a T-shirt and jeans. I think I’m most influenced by 1940s fashion. Waists were cinched, styles were bold, and almost everything had a touch of glamour. I think that comes through in a lot of the outfits I put together.

We're Inspired By... Ellen City Chic Spotty Fun Dress

7. Who are the women who inspire you?
Both my grandmothers! Amazing women who had vision for themselves and their families and accomplished so much despite any hardship. My Granny Nora has always been a fashionista, and I’m sure I inherited my style habits from her. My Granny Irene had serious seamstress skills and made most of the clothes in her wardrobe and always looked amazingly put-together. My mother inspires me as well, of course! She loves to help people regardless of whether or not the favors are returned. She believes in people and never gives up on anyone. She has a huge heart, and I truly admire that. My sister inspires me too. She’s cool-headed, always knows the right thing to say, and has her own wonderful sense of style. I’m also inspired by my coworkers who always complimented my fashion sense and encouraged me to start blogging and tell my story. I’m inspired by all the women in my life who follow their dreams and are true to themselves!

We're Inspired By... Ellen City Chic Cobalt Ponte Crop Jacket and City Chic Dahlia Stripe Dress

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Photography: Trévon James
Makeup: Anthony Green

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