Welcome to a new series on the Gwynnie Bee blog where we celebrate members featuring their Gwynnie Bee picks. This will be a great resource to see how different items look on different heights and body types, and could spark some styling inspiration for various pieces.  

She’s not a model, but she plays one with Gwynnie Bee!
Meet Emily.

Gwynnie Bee Member: Emily
31 years old, Lexington, KY
5’10”, Size 24
Blog: http://skinnyemmie.com
Twitter / Facebook / Pinterest / Instagram / Pose

Left: Lands End Cowlneck Sweater
Right: ASOS Curve Sweater Dress with Stud Sleeves

How long have you been a member of Gwynnie Bee?
I received my first Gwynnie Bee box-of-goodies in April, 2012. So almost 1 year!

Why did you join?
As someone who is working on losing weight but loves fashion, it was a struggle to straddle the line between having clothes that were on-trend but also fit well with my changing size. I couldn’t justify buying a new wardrobe for each size. Gwynnie Bee has given me the best of both worlds: a rotating, on-trend wardrobe that fits in my budget.

Left: MYNT 1792 Nolita Moto Jacket with ASOS Curve Sequin Front Tank
Right: Style & Co 3/4 Sleeve Printed Tunic

Favorite Gwynnie Bee moment(s):
I have so many favorite Gwynnie Bee moments, but I have to think my favorite is the feeling and reactions I got when wearing the ASOS Curve Sequin Skirt from Gwynnie Bee. (http://skinnyemmie.com/2012/11/sparkle-and-shine/) For me, clothes are so much more than just what we look like on the outside – they transform how you feel about yourself. This skirt made me feel trendy and extremely confident. I only wore it a few times, but each time I got so many compliments from people of all sizes asking where they could buy one for themselves. Even complete strangers complimented me. It was such a confidence-booster and something I never would have been able to experience if it weren’t for Gwynnie Bee.

Left: ASOS Curve Galaxy Print Wrap Top
Right: INC Printed Faux-Wrap Dress 

Favorite Gwynnie Bee brands?
So many! My top 3 would be Kiyonna, ASOS, and IGIGI.

Favorite Gwynnie Bee piece(s):
I’ve been through so many fabulous pieces! My favorites have been the ASOS Curve Sequin Skirt as mentioned above, the Alfani cap sleeve floral faux-wrap dress, the IGIGI Cheryl Wrap Dress, the SWAK Donna Dress, Kiyonna Legacy Wrap Dress in Whimsical Rose, Kiyonna Luna Lace Dress, Lands End Pleat Shoulder Dress in Emerald, and the MYNT 1792 Nolita Moto Jacket.

ASOS Curve Jacket with Curved Lapel

Why you love Gwynnie Bee?
Gwynnie Bee has completely changed the way I shop. I no longer have to invest in designer pieces in order to have them in my closet, and I don’t need to worry if the sizes are wrong or if I don’t like something. I also love that I’ve been able to try so many different styles and really learn what works for my body right now. It’s like my birthday every time I get a new Gwynnie Bee box on my front porch!

What are your favorite items from Emily’s photos? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Sylvie

    Ooo I think this was inspired (in part) by feedback I gave GB! 😀 I love when GB puts feedback into motion! (Which is often!)

    • gwynnie

      We love all feedback, and have more of these posts in the works. Stay tuned!

  • http://www.grownupandbeautiful.com Melissa

    Oh gosh. I love them all but the green and black INC graphic dress is stunning.

    • gwynnie

      That’s a particular favorite of ours as well

  • http://www.wrightplacetv.com Dr. Letitia Wright

    You look fab! I love the leather Jacket! Keep rocking girl!! 🙂

    • gwynnie

      That jacket has gotten such a great reaction from so many members. Glad you like these photos!

  • http://www.littlemissblackwell.blogspot.com Elena

    Emily looks fantastic in the INC green & black dress! And the color coral on the jacket REALLY pops for her. Love seeing GB on other real life models, keep it coming.

    • gwynnie

      We love her in both of those looks, for sure! Thanks for the feedback – we plan on posting this type of “real women” content more frequently.

  • http://www.thriftstoremama.com Thrift Store Mama

    What the what what ?!?! I didn’t know Gwynnie Bee had a blog until just today ! Love it !!!

    • gwynnie

      The blog is pretty new, but we’re rocking and rolling now. Check back often!

  • http://www.laurieappleby.com/blog.html Laurie

    I am a big fan of the cowl neck sweater and the INC green/black print dress! I enjoy seeing Emmie’s fashion posts on her blog and on Instagram. We’re practically the same height so I feel like I get a better idea of what the clothes will look like on me!

    • gwynnie

      We love seeing her posts as well! It’s great so many members post their photos – it really helps others see how each garment might look on them. Thanks for commenting!

  • Robyn Affentranger

    You look amazing! Okay… totally have to subscribe now.

    • gwynnie

      She looks great, right? Let us know if you have any questions or feedback after subscribing. Happy to have you!

  • Suzanne A

    I love your feature on Emily. She’s a gorgeous woman. She’s exploring the new Emily and that’s so cool. I’m sure having great clothes along the way is very motivating. I have to agree with Emily- the MYNT 1792 Nolita Moto jacket is awesome! The tailoring/cut of this jacket is divine. Someone should re-produce the pattern and make it in more materials. I’m not returning it anytime soon. I do not own anything with snake print so this is a far departure for me. But I was intrigued and love it enough to get past the faux snake.

  • Kathryn

    Emily, You look amazing.