She’s Not a Model, But She Plays One for GB: Marjorie

Who better to flaunt our styles than the women who really wear them?

Member: Marjorie W.
Lives in: St. Louis, MO
Member since: August 2012

Margorie Williams

Karen Kane Contrast Yoke Dress, sizes 0X-3X

How do you define your personal sense of style?
I stick to the classics for the most part, but I like to mix it up with colors and prints. There are things that I know look good on me and things that just really, really don’t. I mostly use my GB subscription for work clothes. I run a nonprofit so there are plenty of days that I need to dress way up and others where I can be more casual.

Margorie Williams

Karen Kane Sleeveless Asymmetrical Drape Top, sizes 0X-3X

Who is your style inspiration?
My Aunt Florence has been a huge influence in my style evolution. In her day, she was a clotheshorse.  She always made sure I had adorable outfits growing up. My mom likes to tell the story of when Aunt Florence took me shopping when I was three. We came home with a pair of shoes a size too small because they were too cute to pass up! She was a bit of a shopaholic too, so she was always giving us her cast off accessories.  I learned to never get rid of any of them because she was always ahead of her time. Within a few years, things she gave us were in style.

Why is Karen Kane your favorite Gwynnie Bee brand?
First and foremost, comfort.  I took a trip last year that was just supposed to be a day trip that ended up being an overnight. I was wearing a Karen Kane dress and it was comfortable enough to sleep in, yet stylish enough to take me from day to night.  The other reason is that most of the garments are work appropriate. I never have to safety pin shut the top of a Karen Kane top to ensure I’m not showing off too much!

Margorie Williams, for the Gywinnie Bee Blog series called "Not A Model"

Karen Kane Cold Shoulder Top in Navy, sizes 0X-3X

Which Karen Kane “Not a Model” wardrobe piece was your favorite?
My favorite was the maxi dress. Oh how I love maxis!  I heard someone say that they’re the yoga pants of dresses and that’s so true, except people don’t give you the stink eye for walking into the office in a maxi! The other thing I like about maxis is that they’re nice and long and cover my AFO. I fell back in the spring and severely damaged my peroneal nerve so I have something called foot drop. I can’t pull my foot up, so without a brace, I trip over my foot.  I don’t mind people knowing about it, but sometimes when I’m not feeling talkative and ready to explain what it is, it’s easier to hide it.  Honestly, the worst part of it is how it’s limited my footwear choices. I usually tell people to ignore my fashion choices from the knee down. 🙂

Any fun moments to share from your shoot?
We just had an overall good time.  The photographer had never been to the area where we shot the photos, the National Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows which is the largest outdoor shrine in North America. It’s 100 acres of landscaped trails and devotional sites and is just beautiful. I’m lucky enough to work on the grounds at the reading service for the blind.  Two other people working on the shot had been there, but years ago.  It was fun showing off a place that I’m at every day and seeing it through other people’s eyes. The weather was a challenge, it was 95 degrees with crazy high humidity and it started raining almost halfway through the shoot, but that’s St. Louis in the summer!

Margorie Williams

Karen Kane Egyptian Diamond Maxi Dress, sizes 0X-3X

What trends are you most looking forward to this fall?
I can’t decide if I’m more excited about all the knits I saw on the runways or all the metallic gold! With both though, they have to be soft, I won’t wear something that I’m going to be scratching at all day! I’m also keeping my fingers crossed that we see a resurgence in scarves. I have close to 50 of them in all shapes and sizes and I rarely get to wear them because I’m so fussy about how they lay.

Summer is coming to an end (boo!!) — how do you plan to tackle transitional dressing between seasons?
I kind of like that transition time. I like to pair dark tights  and cardigans with shorter dresses. It’s the only time of year I think I can get away with some brands! I’m really excited to see some of the New Arrivals have short sleeves because that’s another go-to in the fall for me.

Margorie Williams, for the Gywinnie Bee Blog series called "Not A Model"

Karen Kane Sleeveless Asymmetrical Drape Top, sizes 0X-3X

Any words of advice or insight that you’d like to share with the Gwynnie Bee community?
When I first started with GB, I put 5 Command hooks over my closet doors to hang my GB items.  Then I’d set the ironing board out under it and lay out the accessories, shoes, and purse that I was going to wear with each outfit. Giving my self that time to plan makes me feel more confident about my choices AND made me pull out a lot of accessories I long forgot about.

Thanks for playing model with us, Marjorie!

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  • Curvily NYC

    Such a fun tip about the hooks! I think I might have to commandeer a wall of our new apartment to do that 🙂

  • Marjorie Williams

    It makes it so much more fun because I get to stare at the clothes until I wear them! I don’t know what I’d do if I had to put them in the closet! Plus, BONUS, now my ironing board gets used for SOMETHING!

  • Renee

    See I have the same problem this girl does…fat and flabby arms. They look horrible in sleeveless things. I wish clothing makers would consider that some of us plus size girls don’t want to wave our ugly flab out in public. 🙁