Not a Model: Sarah, aka Curvily

Welcome to another installment of “Not a Model,” where Gwynnie Bee members style and play model in their favorite items. This is a great resource to see how different items look on different heights and body types, and could spark some styling inspiration for various pieces. To see previous “Not a Model” posts, click here.

She’s not a model, but she plays one with Gwynnie Bee!

Gwynnie Bee Member: Sarah (aka Curvily)
New York, New York c/o Michigan
Size: 14-18 depending on designer and cut
Twitter: @curvily 

Tell us a little about yourself!

I’m 28, a native Michigander, and I’ve been living in NYC for six years now. I work in a corporate office environment by day (and evening, if I’m being honest), and I’m a fashion blogger, happy hour maven, and happily newlywed cat and puppy mom by night.

Kiyonna Winona Hi-Low Wrap Dress in Coral, sizes 0-4

How long have you been a member of Gwynnie Bee?

Since September, though I had been stalking it before then. I joined as soon as I could after we paid our last wedding expenses!

Cherry Velvet Marilyn Dress in Wind Song, sizes L-3x

Why did you join Gwynnie Bee?

I discovered the service via a post on The Curvy Blogger, who I in turn found through my wedding photographer (who featured the CB on her blog).  I read her glowing review, and was a bit skeptical that anything could be THAT awesome.  So I researched the crap out of GB, and finally decided to give it a shot.  I’m so glad I did, because my skepticism was entirely unwarranted – Gwynnie Bee has been everything it was cracked up to be and more!  So much so that I get gushy and use a lot of exclamation points when I talk about it.

Thread & Butter Hayden Dress in Green, sizes L-3X

Favorite Gwynnie Bee moment(s)?

I actually just wrote about one on my blog recently.  I had a black tie wedding to go to, and was not looking forward to spending $180 on the gorgeous dress I was looking at, as it was going to be a one-time wear.  All my friends were suggesting Rent the Runway, but I am sized out of their offerings.  I emailed GB with a hopeful suggestion that they add the Igigi dress I was pining over, and I received a prompt reply from Dina with the best news ever:  That very dress was already on its way to the warehouse, and would be in the next round of new arrivals!  Apparently the GB buyers know what I want even before I do sometimes 🙂

Favorite Gwynnie Bee brands?

ASOS Curve (love the style, but their sizing can be all over the place, so it is great to get to try before I buy with them); Vince Camuto; Kiyonna (MADE for my body type!); Carmakoma and Anna Scholz.

ASOS Curve Print BodyCon Dress, arriving 6/20

Favorite Gwynnie Bee piece(s):

The Kiyonna Ciara dress is the perfect LBD.  Wonderful fit, quality material, super versatile – a true office-to-drinks dress.  On the other end of the spectrum, the Galaxy Print top from ASOS is one of my favorite going out pieces – I’ve worn it paired with a leather jacket for bar hopping in colder weather, with leggings and boots for a Big Freedia concert, and out for my BFF’s birthday.  It is such a statement look, and has one of the prettiest galaxy prints I’ve seen.

Eloquii Split Sleeve Easy Dress in Classic Green, sizes 14-24

Why do you love Gwynnie Bee?

I am such a shopper, and I love the thrill of trying clothes on and finding a great new piece.  I also love wearing dresses and tops with fun prints to work, to keep from slipping into a drab corporate-wear rut.  But with bold prints, variety is key – if something has a striking pattern, repeats are much more obvious. If I purchased even a fraction of the things I get to wear each month with GB, I’d be just completely broke.  GB allows me to wear an incredible assortment of dresses, discovering what fits, what is comfortable, what wears well, what’s fun, and what is a must have. I also love that when something falls into the latter category, I can buy it directly from GB if I want. Beyond the clothes, I love the genuine, caring & friendly customer service – every time I’ve encountered an issue, however minor, it has been addressed promptly and thoughtfully.

Thanks so much to Sarah for playing model with us! Check out her blog for lots of great fashion photos. 

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  • Kim

    OMG! Thank you. I was so concerned about what some of these dresses would look like on my frame. You look great! I am actually getting a few of the dresses you have here and I am going to add that one with the pockets. I love a dress with pockets!!!

    Thanks again!

    • gwynnie

      So glad you found it helpful, Kim!

  • Sarah

    Thank you Kim! Hearing that I was able to help means so much to me 🙂