Welcome to another installment of “Not a Model,” where Gwynnie Bee members style and play model in their favorite items. This is a great resource to see how different items look on different heights and body types, and could spark some styling inspiration for various pieces. To see previous “Not a Model” posts, click here.

She’s not a model, but she plays one with Gwynnie Bee! Meet Kim!

Kim’s awesome video won our “Rental is the New Black” contest. Watch the video here. Want to find out more about Kim’s Gwynnie Bee experience? Read on!

Gwynnie Bee Member: Kim H.
Size: 16
Height: 5’4″
Lives in: Wisconsin Rapids, WI
Member Since: August 2013




Tell our readers a little bit about yourself.

I was born in Northern Wisconsin, and currently live in Central Wisconsin with my husband of 15 years and a sassy cat. We have a tiny house with a big yard, which should be the other way around since we don’t like yard work and need more space for our growing businesses. Which for me is as a Paparazzi Independent Consultant and for my husband as a professional photographer.

I’m an avid reader, which is a good thing since I work at a library. If I’m not reading on my huge porch bed, I can usually be found on the internet, attending a wine tasting or watching Nashville, Dracula, Hart of Dixie or Supernatural.

Spense Long Sleeve Leopard Print Sweater Dress, sizes 1X-3X

What has your Gwynnie Bee experience been like thus far?

My Gwynnie Bee experience has been very good so far. I’ve had a couple of snafus with an item I ripped and items being laundered, but the GB customer support has been awesome. They have all gotten back to me very quickly, and have been very helpful.

Igigi Marissa Tunic in Iron, sizes 12-32

What pieces are you most excited about receiving?

Since everything I put in my closet is something I am excited about, I can’t pick one particular piece. I used to look at what was on it’s way, but now I wait. When I get the box and open it up, it’s a wonderful surprise.

 Spense Long Sleeve Leopard Print Sweater Dress, sizes 1X-3X

How would you describe your sense of style?

My sense of style is all about extremes. I either wear something very colorful or black and white. But even when my outfit is black and white, I still like to wear jewelry to give it a burst of color. If I could only dress one particular way for the rest of my life (heaven forbid!), I would choose a wardrobe from the pages of Town and Country.

So far I seem to like designs by Jessica Howard and Igigi. To me they feel casual, yet elegant. Lands’ End is also a favorite for their casual appeal. I enjoy Kiyonna, but so many of the clothes are a bit too dressy for my life in a small town.

INC Silver Sequin Peplum Top, 0X-3X

What has been the biggest style or fashion challenge you’ve had to overcome?

The biggest fashion challenge I’ve had to overcome is my upper arms. I come from a long line of German farmers, and my physique was made for tossing bales of hay (although I have never had the experience). And since I had neglected exercise for many years, my upper arms turned really flabby. I wouldn’t even wear a tank top in the privacy of my own home.

Earlier this year I began a workout regiment, and although my upper arms are not as thin as I would like, I have begun to wear sleeveless clothes. I even felt good enough to wear a sleeveless dress to work this summer when the temperature was extremely hot.

Spense Long Sleeve Leopard Print Sweater Dress, sizes 1X-3X

What does Gwynnie Bee mean to you?

For me Gwynnie Bee is a way to experiment with colors and styles without going into debt. I have noticed more confidence in myself due to the compliments I received from family, friends, co-workers, and even complete strangers!

Igigi Marissa Tunic in Iron, sizes 12-32

Want to get out in front of the camera? If you’d like to play not a model with us, we’re always looking for ladies with wonderful stories about how Gwynnie Bee has impacted them. Comment below!

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  • Katherine

    I would totally love to do this! I’ve been a member since August, and I had weight loss surgery in June. The transformation about what I can wear and learning to dare to wear has been amazing! You guys have helped the whole time!

  • Ronda Hall

    This would be so fun. I have been involved with Gyinny Bee for 6month or more. I love it so much! In the last 4months I have lost 28lbs. Its such a blessing to get to try new styles without having to buy a whole new wardrobe. Thank you

  • Pepper

    I would like to do this someday. I love GwynnieBee. I’ve been a member for about 8 months. 😉 -Pepper

  • Rochelle

    Would love to do this! I’m focussing on losing the last bit of weight and love GB as a way to expand my wardrobe without investing in things that will soon be too small!

  • TIffany Holman

    You go, girl! I love how empowering the company and its members are towards one another. I feel like we are “sisters” sharing a closet of clothes, and encouraging one another to OWN those pieces! I have been a member for about 6 months, and since I have branched out with my fashion AND confidence. I no longer have to run and hide in the dark corners of the stores; sacrifice fashion for a good fit; or be embarrassed that I can’t wear what other women wear. I would love to be a model for a day and be a part of the empowerment movement that Gwynnie Bee is fostering here.