Gwynnie Bee Member Model Meghann Minton

Who better to flaunt our styles than the women who really wear them?

Member: Meghann Minton
Lives in: Burlington, NC
Member since: September 2014

Gwynnie Bee member Meghann in the Taylor Dresses  Sky Blue Textured Dress with Mesh Inserts Taylor Dresses Sky Blue Textured Dress with Mesh Inserts

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

My husband, Brandon, and I have been married for 8 years. We’ve moved 6 times and lived in 4 different states during those 8 years. We’re now settled in North Carolina on a 10 acre farm that we bought a little over two years ago. We have zero background in farming and have mostly lived in large cities. We now have 2 dogs, a rabbit, 4 goats, 3 ducks, 17 chickens and a pony. I’m not sure how people took care of animals with out the aid of the Internet.

I love fashion and design. We don’t have cable, because I cannot be trusted to not sit around and binge watch home improvement shows all weekend. I’m in danger now that Netflix offers some HGTV and DIY Network shows. I spent an hour trying to figure out how to delete my Netflix “recently watched” so I wouldn’t have to admit to watching “Vanilla Ice Goes Amish.” Anything is fair game. (I never did figure out how to delete my Netflix history).

I work for a large health insurance company managing some of their offshore operations in India. I really love my job and work with a great team of people. I get to travel to India occasionally, which is an adventure for me. I make a real effort to have a good work/life balance and the company I work for is supportive of this. In my spare time, I read quite a bit and write, though not as often as I should. I do have a blog.

Gwynnie Bee member Meghann in the Taylor Dresses  Sky Blue Textured Dress with Mesh Inserts

Taylor Dresses Sky Blue Textured Dress with Mesh Inserts

Tell us about your GB photo shoot—what was your experience like?

Full disclosure: I had originally wanted to do the shoot because I thought it would be fun for my husband, who is a photographer by trade, do the shoot. Gwynnie Bee preferred to have someone who wasn’t family and it actually worked out wonderfully. Marie and her brother David were really great people, and are practically our neighbors. I think we’ll all remain friends and Brandon will have someone like minded with whom to “talk shop.”

It had rained all day, but cleared up just in time for our afternoon shoot which we did on our farm. The ground was really soggy so I was kind of hovering above the ground so my heels wouldn’t sink into the grass. Marie was great with giving direction which I desperately needed since I’m naturally awkward. Sheri did a great job on my makeup and introduced me to full strip false eyelashes and I’m now trying to justify them as being an “everyday” look. Overall, I felt really great that day.

Gwynnie Bee member Meghann in the Jessica Howard Keyhole Shift Dress in Coral Print Jessica Howard Keyhole Shift Dress in Coral Print

How would you describe your sense of style?

I had to ask my best friend for help with this one and she said, “eclectic,” which I suppose is accurate. I gravitate more towards fit & flare dresses and would probably dress like June Cleaver every day if it were practical. I was super self conscious as an overweight pre-teen and teen, but that never translated into my trying to follow the most up to date trends. I wore whatever I wanted to wear, even if I sometimes looked ridiculous. I didn’t have one of those mothers who nagged me about my clothes so I was able to experiment and develop my own sense of style. Kids picked on me sometimes, but by the time I got to high school, I think people had a healthy respect for my sense of style. I mostly wear dresses today, but a good portion of my funky style has translated into adulthood. Dresses make it easy for me to still wear bring colors and be a little bit “fun” while still looking professional.

Gwynnie Bee member Meghann in the City Chic Paradise Peplum Top

City Chic Paradise Peplum Top

Which GB brand is your favorite?

I love Taylor dresses. With an added belt, they give me the exact silhouette and shape that I’m after. I loved the City Chic top I wore for the shoot, even though it was way outside my normal style. It wasn’t anything I would have normally picked on my own, so I’m glad it was one of my options because I felt great in it. I also love some of the Hell Bunny retro looks. They can feel costumey, so it’s nice to be able to just get them for a single wear for something fun. London Times is also a real go-to for work appropriate wear.

Gwynnie Bee member Meghann in the Taylor Side Tie Dress in Aqua Navy Print

Taylor Dresses Side Tie Dress in Aqua Navy Print

Which trends are on your “to-try list” this spring and summer?

Gingham! I feel like gingham is pretty timeless, but sometimes it’s pretty difficult to find options outside of the standard men’s shirts. I was so happy to see it on the runway in some edgier options, which will make it easier to not channel Ellie May Clampett or Daisy Duke. Plus, gingham looks great with muck boots, which I wear a lot here on the farm. Who says farming can’t be fashionable? I love bright colors, so I’m also trying to embrace the floral trend.

Gwynnie Bee member Meghann in the London Times Colorblock Maxi Dress London Times Colorblock Belted Maxi Dress

Any words of wisdom for the GB community?

I was able to pare down my closet with Gwynnie Bee. Closet space is really limited in our current house. I spent a bunch of time researching alternate storage options and then decided that “living within my means” also means living within the space that I have. I donated 10 garbage bags of clothing and upped my Gwynnie Bee plan. I’ve been steadily losing weight as well, so I hated the idea of buying clothes in sizes I likely wouldn’t wear long term. Use the service to simplify. You’ll have so much less stress if you know you have some limited options and don’t have to dig through a giant closet full of clothes every day. Also, use the service to try some items that don’t automatically speak to you. I’ve found some real surprises that I tried on a whim, but wasn’t necessary convinced that I would love. Wear what makes you feel good and do what makes you feel good. Work hard. Be kind and understanding. Assuming positive intention. Keep your sense of humor. Everything just falls into place after that.

Photography: Marie Janssen
Makeup: Sheri Cox
Hair: Julianna Knox

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