Gorgeous GB Member Michelle Teare’s Photo Shoot

Who better to flaunt our styles than the women who really wear them?

Member: Michelle Teare
Lives in: Charleston, WV
Member since: May 2014

Gwynnie Bee member photo shoot Michelle Teare Karen Kane

Karen Kane Zebra Handkerchief Top

Tell us a little about yourself!

 I am a full time working mom.  I work for the federal government.  My husband of 13 years is a police officer.  We have a 12 year old daughter, Ella, who was my sidekick during the photo shoot.  We have lived in West Virginia for the last 10 years, but I was born and raised in Pennsylvania.  In my spare time, I love crafting.  I make jewelry using Polymer Clay.  I also enjoy working out.  It is a great stress relief.  My husband and I work out together 4-5 days a week.  I am also on several boards in my community.

Gwynnie Bee member photo shoot Michelle Teare Pink Clove

 Pink Clove Gigantic Flower Bardot Dress

Tell us about your Gwynnie Bee photo shoot. What was your experience like?

The photo shoot at the Capitol was so much fun.  I really felt like a model for the day.  The make-up artist was amazing.  I have never had a make-up professionally done, so I truly felt pampered.  My photographer Emily and her husband, Brandon made me feel completely at ease.  It was an amazing experience all around!

Gwynnie Bee member photo shoot Michelle Teare Karen Kane

 Karen Kane Scallop Lace Dress in Navy

How would you describe your sense of style?

I think my style is pretty eclectic.  I want to wear clothes that make me feel sexy and confident.  For work, I wear a lot of dresses since I am in a professional environment. Gwynnie Bee helps keep me styled in all the latest work appropriate dresses.  And in my spare time, I tend to wear clothes a little more edgy and trendier, and Gwynnie Bee has me covered for that as well.

Gwynnie Bee member photo shoot Michelle Teare City Chic

City Chic Mirrored Paisley Tunic Dress

Which GB brand is your favorite?

For work, I love Taylor Dresses.  I can count on them to fit great, be well made, and great for the office environment.  For fun, I am obsessed with City Chic.  Their clothes are on point with making plus sized woman feel trendy and sexy.

Gwynnie Bee member photo shoot Michelle Teare Karen Kane

Karen Kane Zebra Handkerchief Top

Which trends are you most excited to try this spring?

There are so many things I am looking forward to for spring after a dark and cold winter.  I am looking forward to citrus and tangerine colors, especially accessories, bold floral prints, tan wedge sandals, maxi dresses, midi skirts, lots of stripes, and kimonos.   But what I am most looking forward to putting my tights away for the season and going with bare legs with my dresses!

Gwynnie Bee member photo shoot Michelle Teare BB Dakota

BB Dakota Thompson Dress

Any words of wisdom for the GB community?

The great thing about Gwynnie Bee for me is that you can try things that you never would have tried before in the comfort of your own home.  If it doesn’t work, you just blue bag it and get the next thing, but lots of times I have surprised myself and liked something I have never tried before.

I would also suggest following other plus sized fashionistas on Instagram and Facebook. So much of our media is inundated with images of the “typical” model so plus sized woman feel inadequate.  But when your newsfeed is filled with woman who look like you rocking really trendy looks, it builds your own confidence to do the same!  It changes your inner dialogue and gives you courage to try new clothing trends and looks.

Gwynnie Bee member photo shoot Michelle Teare Karen Kane

Karen Kane Zebra Handkerchief Top

Photography: Emily Ferguson
Makeup: Shamyla Satti

Interested in getting out in front of the camera for your own GB photo shoot? Email Gwynnie@gwynniebee.com, subject line: “Member Photo Shoot.”

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  • http://curvilyfashion.com/ Curvily NYC

    LOVE this shoot, and what a great interview 🙂 The part about changing your inner dialogue really resonated with me, because that is what joining Gwynnie Bee did for me (and why I eventually became a blogger!) And Michelle you look gorgeous!

    • Michelle Scobey Teare

      Thank you so much! I love your blog. You are inspiring a lot of woman. I hope my photo shoot does the same.

      • http://curvilyfashion.com/ Curvily NYC

        Thank you 🙂 That means a lot to me <3

  • Samantha McKenzie


    • Michelle Scobey Teare

      Thank you! It was so much fun!

  • WritingMyWrongs

    Love this. I wanna know where she got her boots! I love the outfit. I have very big calves and cannot ever find boots!

    • Michelle Scobey Teare

      They are from LifeStride. I found them on Amazon.

      • Lauren

        I love Amazon for comfy shoes (and size 11WW or 12!) I have a couple pairs of lifestrides too 🙂 You look soooo cute. I wore that BB Dakota dress (that I bought!) this weekend for my birthday. So flirty, love the belt (I tried a belt, but it was too skinny I think). You look fantastic! I want a photo shoot 😛 I don’t blog about fashion, just about subscriptions and freebies.

    • Michelle Scobey Teare
  • Margit Detweiler


    • Michelle Scobey Teare

      Thank you. 🙂

  • Michelle Scobey Teare

    They are from LifeStride. I found them on Amazon.

  • Karissa Dawn Getz

    Your shoot was amazing! So happy a West Virginian was front and center with Gwynnie Bee style. The Capitol building is beautiful and was a perfect choice… Keep rocking it in Charleston 🙂

    • Michelle Scobey Teare

      It was so much fun! I am so glad I got to do it and showcase our beautiful State Capitol.

  • Stephanie

    Yay to my fellow WV gal! I live an hour from you, Michelle! Great photo shoot!

    • Michelle Scobey Teare

      Thank you! It was so much fun. And the Capitol was a great backdrop!

  • Ruth

    Michelle, that was wonderful. Your great nature and spirit shows trought the shoot and your words. You do inspire. Congrats!

    • Michelle Scobey Teare

      Thank you!

  • Dee

    I’m not far from you! It’s great to see local people who actually wear the stuff! You look amazing by the way 🙂

    • Michelle Scobey Teare

      Thanks! It was an amazing experience.