Trending Now: The New Shopping Party

“Ding, Dong – Avon Calling!” Does that make your nostalgic heart flutter? Do you long for the days of Tupperware Parties and Mary Kay soirees? There was something so glamorous about getting dressed up to shop in your friends’ homes. Delicious canapés, icebreaker games, prizes–everyone leaves with a little less money, but a lot of joy.

Shopping parties seem to have fallen from favor. Maybe it’s the awkward pressure of friends selling to friends, or the products are cheaper and easier to buy elsewhere, or even just the hassle of having to clean your place for guests. But something about the heart of the shopping party–getting together with friends and leaving with something exciting and new–we’re still craving. So, call it a comeback, we’re starting a trend of the modern shopping party that your friends will rave about for years.

What To Sell?
Critical step one to any party: what wares will you be peddling?

  • Direct Sales Products
    This model still exists! While your friends may not be in the market for fancy Tupperware, everything from beauty to yoga pants to, *ahem*, adult toys (for the bold) are still sold a la Mary Kay. If you’ve got the blood of an entrepreneur and a product you believe in, go this route! You could also rally around a specific cause, donating back your earnings, and turning your party into a force for good.
  • Homemade Goodies  
    If you’ve got a hidden talent for candle pouring, or are starting a side business of upcycled coasters on Etsy, this is a great way to get your stuff out there. If you don’t feel like selling is right for you, this is a great way to give samples to your friends… after all word of mouth is still the best advertising.
  • Your Old Stuff  
    We’re not recommending a garage sale, exactly. Set up a clothing swap instead, where people can bring gently used clothing, beauty supplies, books, housewares, etc, and turn your stuff into their stuff!

Where to Host?
The “home” part of “home shopping parties” is key.

  • Your Place
    Whether you are ready to show off your gorgeous home decor scheme or just need an excuse to clean, go classic and host one in your living room, kitchen, or (finished) basement.
  • Someone Else’s Place
    Why not enjoy someone else’s place for a while and book an AirBnB for your event? Leave the kids with your partner and the deep cleaning to the owners.
  • Get Creative
    Does your neighborhood have a shared space like a pool house that can be reserved? Maybe there is a gorgeous gazebo in the park.

What to Serve?
Some people only go to parties for the snacks.

  • Signature Cocktails 
    Time to break out your Pinterest boards. Now is a great time to whip up those fancy cocktails you’ve been pinning. Try naming them after the items you’re offering for a cheeky detail.
  • Fancier Than They Seem Apps  
    People are easily impressed with zhuzhing up a simple snack. Try an open-faced cucumber sandwich (just bread, cream cheese, and cucumber slices), adding rosemary to a bowl of popcorn, or drizzling honey over goat cheese on crackers. See how fancy you can get with three ingredients or less!
  • Snack Hacks
    Frozen appetizers should not be underrated! Trader Joe’s has an impressive selection that simply needs to be popped into the oven. A cheese plate transferred to a pretty cutting board does wonders.

How to Entertain?
For when you’re not making it rain.

  • Raffles
    No one can resist the pull of the raffle. Gift cards, to free goods from your collection to delicious goodies, a prize is a prize and everyone wants to win one.
  • Party Games
    Not just for camp, modern party games can be a huge hit. Particularly if you are blending groups of friends in one party, games will allow people to loosen up (liquid courage not required). From card games, to apps on your phone, to ones you can play with just  paper and pen, it’s good to have a few of these up your sleeve.
  • The Perfect Playlist 
    You’re paying for the music streaming service–time to let it work for you.

What to Wear?
And of course – what to wear will be brought to you by Gwynnie Bee. 

Are you excited to host one of these for yourself? Sound off in the comments below.

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