Money, Hunny: 10 Things To Buy Instead of Clothing

Hey, you.

Yeah, you.

Quick question: do you know how much you spend on clothing per year?

If that question makes you sick to your stomach, keep reading…

Statistics* say the average American woman spends $4,800 on clothing every. single. year.

BUT, we’ve got some good news. When you switch from buying your clothing to becoming a Gwynnie Bee member, you save huge. We’re talking roughly $3,600 back in your wallet, huge.

Here’s the thing, clothing should not be another expense in your life. It should be an experience. So, to put things into perspective, we’ve calculated a few ways you can spend the money you save using Gwynnie Bee. (Spoiler alert: the opportunities are endless.)

And even better, you will never wear the same thing twice.

Rent a private karaoke room for 2 weeks straight. Better start warming up those vocal chords.

Microphone without stand

48 1 oz bottles of Chloé perfume. We’re talking almost 20 years worth of sweet scent!

Chloé brand perfume

Treat three friends to brunch seventeen times. Get ready to be popular.

Four tea cups and saucers and colorful macarons

366 FitBits. Just take it 10,000 steps at a time.

FitBit and blue water bottle

228 inspirational mugs. One for you, and for your friends, and your coworkers, and everyone you make eye contact with on your commute, and for your dog walker, and your dog walker’s family, and you’ll still have too many to fit in your cabinets.

colorful inspirational mugs

An all-inclusive trip to Bali… with a friend.

Sunglasses and mini umbrellas

25 Large Longchamp Tote Bags. One in every color never hurt.

Longchamp large blush totebag

610 Venti Double Shot Skinny Vanilla Lattes. We don’t believe in over-caffeination.

Coffee cups with sleeves and lipstick kiss mark

Make a roundtrip flight from JFK to LAX, once a month, for a year. Be the jet setter you want to see in the world.

Map with toy planes

768 succulents for a garden as endless as your wardrobe (almost).


*Statistics pulled from Have You Ever Wondered How Much Women Actually Spend On Clothing & Accessories? featuring a study conducted by ING Direct and Capital One banks. Savings based on the Gwynnie Bee 3 item plan for $95 a month.

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