How to Have a Capsule Wardrobe… And Never Wear The Same Thing Twice!

Clean and chic, the minimalist lifestyle is so appealing, particularly when a pile of laundry is mocking us from the corner. Yet, the idea of cutting our closets down to a fraction of what we own is terrifying. Today, we’ve unlocked the secret to wardrobe bliss and have combined the best benefits of minimalist living, with the freedom to never wear the same outfit twice.


A capsule wardrobe is a “mini wardrobe made up of really versatile pieces that you completely love to wear.” We first discovered this concept from blogger Caroline from Unfancy, who went on a journey to slim down her closet to just 37 items. With the goal to stop shopping for happiness and start shopping for clothing, Caroline was able to cut down using the magic rule of 3: 3 t-shirts, 3 pairs of jeans, 3 button-ups, etc and ended up keeping the items she truly feels fantastic while wearing.


This is where the fun comes in. Once you have your capsule wardrobe of versatile favorites, use your Gwynnie Bee unlimited closet to fill in the blanks. Rotate in and out fun pieces, big prints, trend pieces, anything that is going to be a stand-out or a statement piece. Your permanent closet is filled with things you love, while you have flings with the pieces that let you play with style.

Here’s your simple step by step guide to achieve this!

Step 1: Clean out your closet, paring it down to the things you simply can’t part with. For tips to clear out the clutter, check out our post on 6 easy steps to overhaul your closet.

Step 2: Evaluate what you have left. You’ll want to keep versatile pieces that could go with a variety of items. Here is a guideline of what we would recommend keeping:

(5) Basic colored tees and tanks for layering. Ideally you’d want at least 1 black and 1 white
(5) Blouses and button downs. These should be in your favorite colors or neutral.
(5) Pairs of jeans. These should be great fitting and variety of washes.
(5) “Other” bottoms. Think dress pants and basic skirts that could go with a variety of tops.
(5) Dresses. These ideally should be multi-seasonal and can be dressed up or down.
(3) Jackets. These should be in various weights for changing weather.
(1) Blazer. Great and well-fitted.
(8) Can’t-part-with statement pieces. These are dresses, skirts, bold tops that aren’t versatile but that you’ve worn many times, fit perfectly, and better yet, make you feel beautiful.

Based on your work style and casual style, you may need more blouses and less denim, or visa versa, so play with those numbers until you hit the balance you need. Try to set a number to stay under (the above total comes down to 37 – the number Caroline used in her experiment), but find what works for you. Remember, quality over quantity.

Step 3: Fill your unlimited closet! New Arrivals land at Gwynnie Bee multiple times a week, meaning there is always something new to add to your virtual closet and play with your style.

Step 4: Get your Gwynnie Bee box and pair it with the basics you have in your closet.

Step 5: Return your Gwynnie Bee pieces and repeat!

For inspiration on how to pair Gwynnie Bee pieces with great basics you might own, check out “Best Dressed Scenario” where Meaghan of Little Lime Dress styles her Gwynnie Bee box on the go.

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