8 Genius Hacks to Revolutionize Your Closet

Our April is all about Spring Cleaning! We’ve already given you 6 easy steps to sort through your clothing, and laid out a (realistic) Spring Cleaning checklist, but today we’re headed back to the closet to make the work you just did worth it. Now that you’re left with just the stuff you want to keep, let’s organize, store, and hack that closet to work better for you.

Space Savers
For closets that are less than roomy, consider these tips to make a little extra space.

  • One hanger, all your scarves: If you have just a few scarves, knot them around the base of the hanger and let them drape. If you have many, grab a pack of shower ring hooks. Attach those to the base of the hanger, and thread your scarves through them. They’re easy to find, grab on-the-go, and put back at the end of the day.
  • Reuse those shoeboxes: Use those shoeboxes you would otherwise recycle in your drawers for organized storage. Try a narrow box for rolls of socks, or a boot box for things like tanks and tees. You’ll open up at least a whole extra drawer of space, and those items will be easier to find.
  • Use fabric bins smartly: Fabric bins are a great way to store things like hats or clutches or gloves up on high shelves in a beautiful way. But then you’re left wondering which one has that item you need as you’re running out the door. Try using luggage tags off the bins handle denoting what’s inside for quick and easy access.
  • Rethink your furniture: If your closet is too small but you have some space to spare elsewhere, think about using a small cubby like a bookshelf to organize and display handbags, shoes, or folded items. Since this is out in the open, this is a great way to display your prettiest bags and ones that don’t get out as often, or color coordinate folded items that you want to keep, but don’t reach for as frequently.

Crafty Solutions
Clever hacks and DIY must-trys to whip your closet into shape.

  • Hack Your Hangers: Have strappy tops or silky tanks that keep sliding off the hanger? Tie a rubber band or pipe cleaner on the outside edges of the hanger as a barrier or to give a little grip.
  • Hack Your Boots: To keep your boots standing upright and wrinkle free, cut up a pool noodle to the height of your boot and place them in the calf.
  • Hack Your Decor: For a beautiful (and useful) addition to your closet or even your bedroom, hang empty picture frames with ribbon or fishing wire through them. Now you can display sunglasses, earrings, and necklaces in a beautiful, yet practical way.
  • Hack Your Wall: You’ve got all that wall space in your closet that’s doing nothing. Put it to work! Hang a pegboard for customizable organization. Use hooks for jewelry or belts, hang a little bin as a catch all, a mini-shelf for your watches, the opportunities are endless!

… that is the question. Here’s a simple guideline:


  • Materials with delicate fabrics like silk, satin, and lace.
  • Things that need to be starched or ironed like cotton dress shirts
  • Things that are easily wrinkled
  • Dresses


  • Stretchy materials, like lycra and jersey, to keep it from stretching out
  • Items with beading or embellishments, which would distort the fabric when hanging
  • Knitwear
  • Tees and tanks
  • Jeans

Go forth and organize! And be sure to check back here through the month of April for more tips and tricks to make Spring Cleaning less of a chore.

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