The Future Is Female! 4 More Women Revolutionizing the Business World

We love talking about powerful and talented women.

In fact, we love it so much, we’re adding to our last post, (which featured 4 bold, revolutionary women in business) and celebrating 4 more stellar businesswomen!

The following 4 women are leaders in their fields, innovators in their industries, and all … at the top of their game.

Bree McKeen – Founder and CEO of Evelyn & Bobbie

Ever feel like you’re in a wire cage when you put on your bra?

It’s not an uncommon feeling. In fact if you asked them, most women would say the very first thing they do when they get home from work is masterfully unclip that thing, pull it out their shirt sleeve, and throw it against the wall (or okay, maybe set it neatly in the laundry bin).

Nod if you agree.

But Bree McKeen, founder of Evelyn & Bobbie says no more.

McKeen’s idea for a wireless bra that actually feels good came to her one day while working in Silicon Valley — notoriously populated by conveniently non-bra-wearing men. “It was so uncomfortable,” she says, recalling her anger and frustration, followed by an epiphany. There had to be something better.

McKeen named the company after her two grandmothers: Evelyn, a model and starlet, and Bobbie, a world traveler, entrepreneur, and seamstress. With the new, smooth-feeling, super luxurious, comfy bras that McKeen and her team are producing, it may just be time to leave that bra on during lounge-time at home.

Julia Taylor Cheek – Founder and CEO of EverlyWell

Ever had lab testing ordered by your doctor?

It’s quite common. But especially when you’re experiencing unexplained symptoms, it can be more than annoying —a complete headache, in fact. Your doc gives you your lab slip, you fast from night till morning (not even coffee!), head to the lab, power through the blood drill, and in a few days — you have your results.

A few weeks after that? You usually get slammed with a fairly hefty bill.

That’s because, quite often, these tests aren’t covered by insurance. Furthermore, results are usually extremely hard to understand — a series of numbers that seemingly mean nothing. Need a lot of tests? You can rack of thousands in lab bills and spend large portions of your week schlepping yourself in and out of labs and doctors’ offices.

Harvard grad, Julia Taylor Cheek had a similar experience before founding EverlyWell — and she knew there had to be a better way.

EverlyWell puts lab testing in the hands of patients. Based in Austin, Texas, it’s a company that gives busy, working men and women a way to track their lab tests and health — on their own time and on their own dime.

Choose from a number of 100% approved and safe at-home testing kits. Test things like your thyroid, STD risks, food allergies, your vitamin D levels, and more. Pay affordable flat rates for testing, and do everything from the comfort of your own home (you mail in the kits and receive results by mail as well). Results are even analyzed and approved by doctors and easy to understand.

Shan-lyn Ma – Founder and CEO of Zola

More than 300,000 couples world-wide have used Zola, an online wedding registry and shopping site that reinvents the typical registration-system that so often preceded weddings.

Instead of physically heading to just one or two stores to register, engaged couples can create their own personalized registry page, with gifts they want from around the web. “Let your wedding registry reflect your style,” the Zola website says — and many couples are into it. Not only can you list plates, towels, bedsheets, and colanders you like, but you can also list things like couples cooking classes, gift cards for hotels, salon visit vouchers, couples massages, paid-for date nights, and more!

Founder Shan-lyn Ma hit upon the idea when all of her friends were getting married and she was frustrated by the confusing and uncreative registry system — then the norm in the wedding world.

Other perks of Zola include being able to create funds for your wedding guests to invest in on your behalf (for your honeymoon, for example) and allowing guests to go in on larger gifts together.

Kat Schneider, Founder and CEO of Ritual

Launched in 2016, Ritual puts the fun back in taking your vitamins.

Nope, they’re not Flintstones for adults. They’re pure, no B.S. vitamins with essential nutrients and ingredients backed by science.

Why can’t you just grab the generic vitamin brand at the store and call it good? Founder and CEO Kat Schneider tried that. When she was pregnant, she searched high and low for a prenatal vitamin that would include only pure, natural ingredients for her and her baby. Unfortunately, even the health food store-options didn’t make the cut. Store-bought vitamins of all kinds notoriously contain questionable ingredients — and are often found to contain just a fraction of the vitamins they claim to provide.

So what did Schneider do? She made her own.

Vitamins like the Essential for Women are offered by Ritual on a monthly subscription basis for a flat fee. Not only are these made of 100% pure vitamins and nutrients in bioavailable forms (the same found in healthy foods), but they’re even pretty to look at! Just take a look at their Instagram for a gander at these beautiful “tiny, elongated snow globes” as The New York Times called them.

It was hard to choose just four fabulous women for our list this time — there are so many out there who are making a difference in their own communities and the industries they work in. Our women business leaders continue to astound us every day, and we can’t wait to see what they’ll think of next! The future truly is female!

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