Holiday Do It Yourself: Printed Wrapping Paper

Around the holidays our Pinterest boards and other feeds are filled with perfectly wrapped parcels, glittering ornaments, and delectable goodies. This year, we’re taking you through a few holiday DIYs that are so easy, yet so chic, people will delight to find out that you did it yourself.

We’re starting with handprinted wrapping paper, so simple, it’s practically foolproof. We’ve got three beautiful techniques using affordable supplies for an end result that is picture perfect.


  • Your gift boxed up and ready to be wrapped
  • Kraft paper
  • Tape and scissors (for wrapping)
  • Inkpad (color of your choice)
  • Pencils with unused erasers
  • Disposable Tooth Brush
  • Rubber stamps in a pattern you love
  • Watercolor paint (color of your choice)
  • Ribbon (optional)
  • Sprigs of holiday decor (optional)


For all of these techniques, start by wrapping your gift in kraft paper (tip: use packing tape, if possible, kraft paper tends to be thicker than typical wrapping paper).

Wrap your gift

1. Perfect Polka Dots

For this design, grab your pencil and press the eraser into the pad of ink. Dab pencil eraser onto the kraft paper. Depending how thick the ink is, you may want to dip the eraser in the pad between each dot. Or for a more vintage feel, return to inkpad every few dots for polka dots that appear faded.

Create your dots

Let dry. Finish off your wrapping with a big bow for a classic, feminine final product.

Final product

2. Delicate Printed Lace

For this design, use your stamp in the inkpad and stamp around the outside of your gift. For a pro tip: try two or more different stamps to mix up the pattern for a lacy look. Leave room in the middle for your holiday sprigs. No need to be perfect, as the bow and the sprigs will balance it out.

Stamp your gift

Let dry. Use a small bundle of sprigs to fill the middle of the design with a single ribbon around the middle, for a romantic gift that will wow.

Final product

3. Snowflake Splatter Paint

For this splatter paint technique, you need your watercolor paint and a disposable toothbrush. Dip your toothbrush in some water to wet it and then dip in the watercolor paint. Using the pad of your finger, run your finger towards your body, letting the paint splatter across the package. Pro tip: the faster you release the brushes, the larger the splatter. Switch up your speeds for a variation on the pattern.

Use your toothbrush to splatter paint

Let dry. Finish with a off-center cross ribbon with a simple knot. Use on sprig in the knit for a modern, chic looking gift.

Final product

Voila! Easy as pie. There is a DIY wrapping paper for any one in your life.

If you’d like to see more DIY content, comment below and let us know what you’d like to create next.

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