DIY Holiday: Handmade Ornaments

Around the holidays our Pinterest boards and other feeds are filled with perfectly wrapped parcels, glittering ornaments, and delectable goodies. This year, we’re taking you through a few holiday DIYs that are so easy, yet so chic, people will delight to find out that you did it yourself.

Today, we’re highlighting these simple, chic handmade ornaments you still have plenty of time to make as last minute gifts or extra decor.

Suggested Supplies:

  • Clear class ornaments (or plastic ones that open on the side)
  • Paint
  • Ribbon
  • Fake Snow
  • Poom pooms
  • Glitter
  • Sequins in festive shapes
  • Fake sprigs of branches and holly



  1. Assemble all your supplies that you’d like to fill your ornaments with.
  2. Remove the silver top from the ornament.
  3. Use a funnel to pour various supplies into the clear glass balls.
  4. Place the silver cap back on and add ribbon to hang ornament from.

Final ornaments

Tips & Tricks:

For colorful ornaments, squeeze a little paint through the top of the ornament and then swirl as the paint coats the inside of the glass. You can mix with glitter, multiple color paints, or just one great metallic color. Also, feel free to save some open clear space as a window to look into the ornament.

For winter wonderland ornaments, cut fake holiday sprigs up and push them into the ornament. You can add some metallic sequins or fake snow for a snow globe feel.

For a blizzard ornament, try white pom poms, fake snow, and white glitter.

Get creative! Mix and match various supplies to create different color palettes or scenes. You can always empty back out the ornament if you’re not pleased with how something is looking.

Volià! Get ready to impress your friends and family with these easier than you could believe holiday ornaments.

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