An Open Letter to Holiday Party Hostesses Everywhere

With Gwynnie Bee, You Will Crash Even The Parties You’re Invited To

Dear Karen,

Thank you for inviting me to your beautiful holiday soiree this season. I want to apologize in advance for taking your spotlight once I arrive. After all, I do have my secret weapon… Gwynnie Bee. A subscription rental clothing service that offers unlimited exchanges, thousands of styles, available in sizes 0-32.

Every party I’m attending this season goes the same way: first, is the several heads turn and looks of awe as I walk past, followed by an outpour of compliments and praise, which then turns into herds of guests gathering around me as I explain how I didn’t have to buy my outfit, and finally the swarm of questions – suddenly I’ve hijacked your party!

Listen, Karen: your decor IS blindingly eye-catching and your appetizers are absolutely Food Network worthy, but there is an allure about me, and my always new – always cute outfits, that I never have to buy… and this my dear Karen, will always overshadow your gaudy decor and ridiculously massive spread of appetizers (seriously Karen, how much of this was store-bought??).

It’s not too late though Karen, your well-earned spotlight can still be saved! Just sign up for Gwynnie Bee and the attention can be all yours. Well, mostly yours. 😉 I still look way better than you, Karen.

The GB Party Crasher
::crashing parties I’m already invited to::

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