12 Giftees Who Need Gwynnie Bee This Holiday

On the first day of Christmas, Gwynnie Bee gave to me, the perfect option for any giftee. No matter who is on your list, or which winter holiday you celebrate, we’re highlighting 12 women who definitely need the gift of rental this year. How many of these women are still on your list?

  1. Holiday Party Hopper
    For the woman who jumps from party to party, give her the gift of never having to wear the same thing twice – and slaying in every candid holiday photo.
  2. The DIY Queen
    Her home is decked out in homemade decor, her gifts were made with her own two hands, even her wrapping paper is hand-painted. Take one thing off her to-do list and let her wardrobe rotate out without having to do even a single load of laundry.
  3. The Gift Wrapper
    Bows, ribbons, gift tags – this woman never lets her gifts go bare. She should be just as accessorized. Give her the gift of rental, so she can coordinate with her gift wrap. 
  4. The Caroler
    Even chilly air and a dusting of snow won’t keep her from door-to-door caroling. Gift her the rest of a wardrobe she’ll love rocking while her festive sweaters are being dry cleaned. 
  5. The Gift Grinch
    We love her, but we all know she’s impossible to shop for with her super specific taste. Show her how well you know her – by admitting you don’t know her style at all and letting her build her own unlimited closet.
  6. The Last Minute Shopper
    Give her the gift of rental AND spark the idea she can also give it to everyone on her list… down to the last minute.
  7. The Master Chef
    She lives in the kitchen, creating a meal straight off the Food Network. Give her a gift of a wardrobe she’s not terrified to spill on – she can send her rental back for something fresh. We’ll take care of the dry cleaning.
  8. Hostess with the Mostess
    She could entertain in her sleep, so gift her the only thing she needs: a wardrobe built to impress all of her attendees, from judgey in-laws to nosey neighbors to her fashion-obsessed niece.
  9. The Cold Weather Traveler
    With shipping and returns around the country, give her the gift of being able to not having to pack – just shipping her vacation wardrobe to and from her destinations.
  10. The Snowbird
    She basically lives on the mountain! Keep her cozy (and cute!) with all the layers she needs to go from the slopes to the lodge to a night out after – all in one subscription.
  11. Dame Deck The Halls
    Doesn’t she deserve to twinkle like the award-winning light show that dons her home? Give her the gift of standing out even among the holiday decor.
  12. The Gifting Goddess
    For the women who knows EXACTLY what to get everyone on her list, surprise and delight her with rental – the gift that literally keeps on giving, and giving, and giving…

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