We’ve shown you how much you can save when you switch from buying to borrowing your clothes and even given you some tips on what to indulge in instead. But what can you really get with just one month of using Gwynnie Bee? We put three members to the test in the month of April. See how many looks Erin (a power user), Sandra (a casual user), and Ashley (a new user) got to rock with just one month of the service… and how they wore them, of course!

Erin, Power User

Instagram: @braidsandbigearrings
First Joined: July 2015
Plan: 3-items-at-a-time
Erin’s April Experience: For the month of April, I kept track of every piece of clothing I got from my Gwynnie Bee boxes. In 4 weeks, with my 3-item plan, I was able to receive 14 pieces! Considering each piece could be worn and styled differently–that’s a lot of outfits to choose from!

My absolute favorite item was definitely the Spring Floral Kimono Jacket by Bobeau–it has such a fun pattern and can be worn in so many different ways–I just had to buy it!

The absolute best way to maximize your GB closet is to utilize the “Return It” button. I love that I can notify Gwynnie Bee that I’m returning items so that they can send me new items faster. I also love to return multiple items in one return envelope so that I can rack up my GB rewards to buy the pieces I can’t live without.

Scroll through the gallery to see all 14 pieces Erin received in April (and how she styled them!)

Sandra, Casual User

Instagram: @lapecosapreciosa
First Joined: Aug 2013
Plan: 3-items-at-a-time
Sandra’s April Experience: Out of all my subscriptions services, Gwynnie Bee has to be my favorite. Not only because it offers unlimited fashion for all sizes, but because of how well it works for my lifestyle. Having been a member since 2013, I know how to get the most out of my 3 garments out-at-a-time subscription. Just in the month of April, I was able to get 6 items from my virtual closet, which was awesome. I got a variety of fun styles that I was able to use on different occasions, like work, date night, and weekend fun. It was very hard not to keep some of the items I got last month but didn’t take the plunge on anything.

My favorite item had to be the Alfani Palm Tree Print Kimono. This was something that was definitely out my comfort zone, but I was able to incorporate it into my everyday style with ease. Such a versatile piece for the current season.

One of my best tips for getting the most out of your GB subscription and maximizing your virtual closet is to survey your wardrobe and see what you actually need. It’s very easy to add everything you see on the new arrivals into your closet (I’m guilty of that!). But then when you get it, you might wear it once and send it back. Knowing what you have already and then using GB to help build a better wardrobe of things you need vs things you want, will have you on your way fashion greatness!

Scroll through the gallery to see all 6 pieces Sandra received in April (and how she styled them!)

Ashley, New User

Instagram: @ashley_dorough
First Joined: Jan 2018
Plan: 2-items-at-a-time
Ashley’s April Experience: Over the month of April, I got 6 different items in the mail from my Gwynnie Bee subscription! I have to be honest. I loved every single item. Especially the yellow kimono that ties–I got so many compliments! My favorite thing about this service is the speed and quality. I absolutely recommend this to everyone.

Scroll through the gallery to see all 6 pieces Ashley received in April (and how she styled them!)

What are you favorite pieces from this last month? Snap a pic and share it with #ShareMeGB for a chance to be featured!

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